Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Cowboys

I like my job, but occasionally something extra fun comes my way. Last week a guy that's been trying to get a meeting figured out the way to my heart is sports. It isn't by dropping off cookies, taking me to lunch, or sending an edible bouquet. Those are nice, and other vendors try those often, but he called with an offer that means I can't screen him on caller id any more. Tickets for Chris and I to the Cowboys playoff game! Not just that, but dinner, parking and free beer...I mean seriously? So Saturday afternoon we bundled up, being that it was about 20 degrees outside, and headed to Arlington. We had a nice dinner with our host and his girlfriend, and then headed to the stadium.
I haven't had that much fun at a football game in years. So much energy, and noise and great seats. We got to know all the people around us and were fist bumping, yelling and dancing. We even harassed the few eagles fans in our section. The most adorable 9yr old was sitting in front of me wearing a Miles Austin jersey, and every time Miles would do something he would grab his jersey and pull at it to show everyone one that Miles was his guy, then he would turn to me for a high 5. It was adorable. It was a big win, and a big night out for us and we loved it.