Monday, October 30, 2006

B is for Bailey and I'm a big sucker

I didn't always want a dog. I wasn't one of those kids that begged their parents for one, but we had family dogs that I would walks when I felt like it. Things changed when I became an adult, well actually things changed when I changed. They say when you have a traumatic experience there are 3 things that are natural therapy for your soul. 1) Being by the ocean 2) exercise and 3) getting an animal. In 2001 when I had a very traumatic experience that caused a crisis of self really I moved to San Diego (check off #1). With that amazing weather you can be outside every day of the year so exercise followed (check off #2) but the animal...I wasn't ready to love something at that time, or be loved unconditionally in return. My heart was too broken for that then.
5 years later, heart mended and a full recovery from the trauma leads me to now. Last February around my birthday someone I know found a small mutt wandering in her neighborhood. I took one look at this little mess and had to have him. His name is Kona and he is now the most spoiled 11lb poodle shi-tzu mix you will ever meet. My brother Robert likes to tell everyone Kona is a shit poo...funny guy my brother. So Kona and I have been cohabitating for a few months now and I adore him. Getting up at 5am to take him out, and finding the best groomer (the perky poodle) or vet has been a joy. I even bought a house so I could have him, and I like to call him the most expensive dog because of it. So who is Bailey you ask?
I was shopping this past weekend at a local mall and the Boxer Rescue Society was there with some adoptable dogs. The faces and stories are heartbreaking. I try to put on a front like I'm fine on my own, very practical and rarely emotional. That is a big sham folks, but those of you who know me already know that. I seem to be the only one slow on the uptake. So this beautiful 4 year old boxer named Bailey took one look at me and I was done. I walked around and thought about it for a few hours but of course took her home. It was a little impulsive and not well thought out, but who could say no?? My boyfriend shook his head in total disapproval because of course he thinks of all the things I don't (double the vet and boarding bills, will Kona like her etc). Every dog whisperer in America would tell you not to do it the way I did, and I know that. I of course forge ahead because she was meant for me.
Here we are 3 days later and our little family of 3 has some adjustment issues. One might have separation anxiety, and another might not want to share his toys but over all we're doing alright. I think with a little time andsome training classes we will be like every other functional/dysfunctional family. As I sit here now they are both sleeping soundly on the living room floor and I think life is pretty darn good. (check off #3)

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm not in college anymore

Last weekend my college roommates Scott and Kerri, who happen to be married to each other, came to town for a visit. They live in Costa Rica so I rarely get to see them unless they are passing thru Dallas on one of their many travel adventures. As you can imagine we met and knew each other when life was simple and we majored in sleeping in. Kerri is this amazing fun little ball of energy and whenever she visits somehow I manage to get totally hammered. I'm not talking 2 glasses of wine at dinner feeling good, I'm talking 21st birthday falling out of a cab hammered. After a Kerri visit we say that it won’t happen again, but clearly we think we’re 21 all over again and it seems like a good idea.
Last time she came for a visit we decided running in the rain, getting soaked to the bone, and drinking warm white wine when we got home at 2am was a great idea. I don’t even like white wine let alone warm so you can see we were beyond help. I even left a voice mail for a friend of ours and said it was “Mary and Kegan”…um yes because in drinking language that is Kerri and Megan. I don't drink very often. I mean I don't have any issues...its just I'm finding with every birthday the recovery time is significantly longer than the year before. At this point one night takes the entire weekend, and I feel like a lazy I usually pass. But on the rare occasion that I put a few away my alter ego "party Meg" comes along as well. I have no idea who created the name but it has stuck. I become a walking party and invite everyone in on the fun with me. I sing in a bar, I dance with strangers, and am slightly obnoxious to a more sober individual.
My boyfriend is almost always sober for these events and has witnessed many things I'm sure he would like to forget. On this occasion however he became one of us. He earned a new nickname "Fiesta Chris". Well I should start by telling you he is a finance guy. Given that statement one could assume that he is very practical, big on planning ahead, always on time, conservative, and not prone to display of emotion. Some might say a bit of a "glass half empty" perspective of life. I on the other hand am the total opposite, but I digress.
So the college roommates came to town and the 4 of us went to dinner, had a few cocktails beforehand, had a few bottles of wine with that point knew we needed a cab. Usually this is where sober Chris would say we were going home, but "Fiesta Chris" was ready to party, and we decided to oblige him. Where on earth in Dallas do you think 4 almost 30 year old intoxicated persons would end up...a type of club that shall remain nameless in case my parents or my pastor decide to ever use the world wide web and find me. (Odds are small but they do exist) but the club has dancers and you get the idea. So the bottles at dinner were followed at “the club” by rounds of shots, of what we have no idea. By the time we were ready to call it a night, the bar tab required Kerri's thumbprint. 4x to be exact. Now Sober Megan and Chris would never be here at this club, especially not together...but party Meg and fiesta Chris had a fantastic time. Fantastic until the morning, and we have never felt worse. The recovery did last most of the weekend for all of us, and I think the bruise on Kerri's ass from falling out of the Van cab leaving the club is healing quite nicely.
Note to ended 8 years ago and usually I'm happy it did (so is my liver) but occasionally and for the special Meg will make an appearance, but I have a feeling that was the first and last night of Fiesta Chris.

Panic at the disco folks

"Oh My God this can't be happening" I plopped down on the couch after a long happy hour and late dinner out and flipped on the Tivo. I was anxious to see the best show of all time; Greys Anatomy; that had been recorded earlier of course. What was life before Tivo? I can no longer remember. I stared at the menu list...NO GREYS! Panic sets in, I'm flipping thru the TV, text messaging people and calling all my girlfriends because I was sure I missed it but praying it was a rerun. WHY IS NO ONE ANSWERING?? How could my beloved Tivo skip the only night of TV I live for?

Now I am joking of course, I mean not watching TV won't literally kill me but I look forward to Greys from the minute the last episode ended. I don't refer to the actors by their real names but their screen names, and yes my girlfriends and I do talk about them and the show as if we know them all personally. We analyze their relationships as if they can hear us. We are disappointed in Burke for having anger management issues and saying terrible things about sweet George, and almost (gasp) hurting McDreamy!! I mean does he really think he's going to win a PR war with that?? Not happening. Anyway you can see why I would be so distressed. Finally it was my boyfriend who cleared it all up for me. He had been concerned that it would interfere with the World Series so he checked before meeting me at happy hour; he just forgot to tell me about it.

He thinks women’s obsession with a TV show is odd. He couldn't believe how upset every woman he knew was over the death of Denny who he liked to point out was a "fictional character", but than again he doesn't understand the joy that is Perez Hilton either. Guys, well straight guys just don't understand. I tell him it's like the Masters, or NBA's important not to be missed or disturbed during events like that. I respect his 48 weekend hours of consecutive college and NFL games. My little piece of heaven is 1 hour, 1 hour a week! Men have events that take up months and hours on end. I have watched it all, I have oohed and ahhed at Tigers amazing year, or our embarrassing show at the Ryder cup. I have cheered on Lance and wanted to spit on the French officials, and I have even been in the room when he is watching the Texas Aggies...anyone that is a Longhorn understands why I almost throw up a little in my mouth while doing that.

In summary my panic at the disco was nothing more than the genius Tivo not re-recording an already aired episode. Disaster averted, whew. I will have to savor the new episode next week twice as much. I also learned that men just don't get it. So to the men I say don't try to stop it, because you can only hope to contain it. Unless you're Denny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Me..a blogger...

Welcome to my blog! I'm totally new to this blog business and am terrified that I will disappoint. I am assuming that only people I know will read this and they have to love me, so all I have to say is...suck it!

My friends have been urging me to start one of these blog things, but these are the same people that told me my ass didn't look big in leggings so seriously...I'm not sure what I think of this. Lets start with a few things about me.

I am TERRIBLE with spelling and grammar. You would think that the years of high school and college would have fixed that, but like the song says...Its a hard habit to break :)

I love my friends and family, but not enough to save them from the funny things they do. No one will be safe from the blog, but names and places might be changed to spare excessive humiliation.

I am not a native of Dallas or Texas. So some may say I don't have the privilege of making fun of the stuff that goes on here, but I think its gives me an interesting point of view. Because really where else do you find mac and cheese listed under the veggies or people using the term "fixin to"?

I am the oldest child, and therefore bossy. I have tried to contain it, manage it but as the oldest sister...I am bossy and I can own it.

I am not graceful, in fact I'm so not graceful its a joke. I fall down regularly, spill on myself often, laugh in innappropriate situations, and tend to be brutally honest. All this but hopefully lovable as well. Stay tuned and we'll see how this blog thing goes.