Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday & Austin

I went shopping on Black Friday. We were in Austin for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend visiting my Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. The guys were golfing, and the girls headed shopping. It could have been a disaster. The formula was present. Biggest shopping day of the year: check. Impending hunger for lunch: check. Shopping at a MALL with a 10 and 13 year old: check. I'm pleased to say we all survived, purchased a few things and had lunch before any meltdown could occur, by me of course. I do think the more time I spend with 13 year old girls...the less likely I am to have children. I'm just saying.

We also watched "up" and went Christmas Tree shopping. A few trees that we saw were $1495! That's correct. They were 17-20 feet but still...who freaking pays $1495 for a tree? Not us. We found a much more affordable and smaller tree down the street at Papa Noel's. Chris was also able to golf 2x that weekend with my uncle. The ACC has it's privileges. He really enjoyed the men's lounge. A ton of flat screen TVs, no women, and no guys under the age of 21 allowed.

I shouldn't forget to mention that my parents went to Hawaii and ditched us all for the holiday. They called me from the beach. Not cool. Minus that, it was a great Holiday with lots of family and much to be Thankful for.

Texas Thanksgiving

This year we passed on the Cowboys game (tragic I know) and headed south to spend some time with Chris's family. To me it felt like the first real "Texan" Thanksgiving. Meaning we fried things, chicken fried things, and ate something in the same room where the head of that same animal was hanging. The major development. I shot a gun. For the first time in my life. Only 1 gun, they wanted me to try an "easy rifle" first. I think eventually I might try the pistol/ handgun/shotgun options. For now that was enough. Owning one is another issue entirely, but I would for the record like to state that I felt like Betty Bad Ass. My mother will not be pleased.

How to freak a baby

Really, it's not that difficult...but it was funny. Allison turned the big 30 on Thanksgiving and we had a surprise party for her in a suite at the AAC. She thought that just she, Rob and the baby were going for the game. She realized something was up when she was led to a suite door and 16 of us on the other side yelled surprise as she walked in. Problem was, baby was in a carrier on the front and was not a fan of this situation. This is his face at the moment they walked in. I wish we had an after where he started to scream, but we were frantically trying to remove the not so easy baby bjorn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take 5 Tuesday

I'm taking a few min to post 5 random thoughts/questions etc

1.Glee. Love it, love it so much that I had to download the "smashups" from iTunes to my library. Trust me if you need to put a pep in your step add the Halo/Walking on Sunshine to your mix.

2.Speaking of music, have you ever wondered if something happened to you what the music on your iPod would say? Morbid, but I think about that kind of thing. I mean should I be embarrassed that both Brandon Heath (Christian music) and Britney's "3" follow one another on my latest play list? I am slightly concerned about this.

3.Holidays. 45 days until Christmas people. 45. I am NOT ready.

4.Reebok Easy Tone. The ads for this shoe have me intrigued. Toning while just walking around in them? I don't care how lame they look I might have to get some.

5.37 years...that's how long my parents will be married in 2 weeks. 37 years. How awesome is that? As much as I make fun, they are adorable.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Finding Nemo

Do you see him? The best part of being an aunt. I love this kid. Thank goodness Chris feels the same way or when I suggest "let's go see the baby" because that means 2 hours in the car and I know that might be annoying. Especially when we're only going over for bath time.