Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a day

Things happen. I know this. My normal day, and my job are generally so average, I just don't write about them. However, yesterday, the first 2 hours alone were enough to make me want to crawl back in bad and start over.
7:00am: My post shower makeup application. I drop my loose powder as I'm moving it from one hand into the other and lose 50% on the floor, and the other 50% in the sink.
7:15am: head to the kitchen to pack lunch, drop small container of marinara sauce onto the floor and it goes everywhere. I have to try to clean it up, and hold off the dog at the same time.
7:30am: I'm preparing all ingredients for the Crockpot roast that will simmer all day (thus preventing my husband from having cereal for a 5th night in a row) and trip over above mentioned dog licking invisible marinara spots off the floor and spill ketchup on my work blouse. AHHH. Have to go change, the first time.
7:50am Finally out the door, on the road in crazy rain/lightening/thunder. Stop at starbucks to grab some caffeine to calm my nerves. They don't push the lid down all the way, spill on blouse #2. Decide I'm too far from home and think people at work will take one look at me and my coffee stain and walk away. It would be advantageous for them to do so.
8:20am: Turning into the parking garage at work and realize that I have left my laptop at home. Normally a bad thing, but when you have 3 different conference calls with VP levels and up before noon....a very bad thing. So I drive back out of the garage, call and tell my admin I'll be late, and head back home.
8:45am: Run into the house, change again for the second time, grab the laptop and get back in the car.
9:10am: Finally arrive at work, but have lost my will to touch anything for fear I might totally screw it up for the entire day.

Ever have one of those?

The added fun last night was that someone rang our doorbell at 1:10am. I was totally freaked, the dog was going nuts and Chris didn't hear a thing! I couldn't fall back asleep for 2 hours and laid in bed creating escape routes in my head if that should become necessary.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Two...Eight...who do we appreciate?

It was also Rob’s 28th birthday, and the other reason my parents came for a visit. He had a bowling party at the new Splitsville in Arlington, TX. About 18 of us bowled, ate and celebrated. The night was so much fun with lots of family and friends.
This was Rob's last birthday being the “baby” of the family...without having the baby of the family. You can see that little development in the bump that Allison is carrying around in the picture above. My mom was the photographer of the evening and many of you will thank me for not posting the pics, because everyone looks terrible in 90% of them. The few that made the cut are below.

Hello Friends

It’s been a while, I know.

My parents came for a visit and it turned into the largest home improvement project that we have done thus far. Yes folks...we (well my dad with our assistance) installed our own sprinkler system. Not just in the front yard, but the back yard as well. If that wasn’t enough I thought we should landscape, and add some trees and plants. Who knew that trees were over $100 each? One of these plants could have been a new pair of shoes, so I’ll be pissed if I kill any of them.

It's a work in progress but here are some before, and after. We still have a ton of work to do, but I think it's looking good so far.

(during, and notice my dad's fashionable headbands)