Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lucky Me!

Wikipedia states that my task tomorrow is defined as:IRIF - An Involuntary Reduction in Force - The employee(s) didn't voluntarily choose to leave the company. This usually implies that the method of reduction involved either layoffs, firings, or both, but wouldn't usually imply resignations or retirements. If the employee is fired rather than laid off, the term "with cause" may be appended to indicate that the separation was due to this employee's performance and/or behavior, rather than being financially motivated.

Let's just hope I'm not on my own list. That might be awkward. I also hope no one key's my car...the joys of HR. I wouldn't call me tomorrow after 6pm...I'm planning on sedating myself with alcohol after ruining peoples lives in this economic crisis.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Facebook Phenomenon

Last year, Val and Colleen convinced me to join Facebook. At first it was fascinating, finding people that I had lost touch with, seeing how their lives had changed, pictures etc. Then the inbox filled with high school and Jr. high classmates...and that passing thought of “do I want to accept them?” I mean let’s face it, some of us didn’t really like, or know each other in HS, and I could care less about my friend count. Really, that’s a lame way to feel important in my opinion.

Next was the really awkward wave of parents and friends’ parents. Seriously, does my high school young life leader need to see a photo of me at a bar? Probably not. Then there’s the issues of people tagging you in photos you wouldn’t want anyone to see, the dramas of ended relationship statuses played out via the comment section, and the announcements of major life events via Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I check the thing every day. Lately though, I began to wonder when we all decided to stop picking up the phone and calling someone, feeling that a comment on a wall was the same as a conversation? For the record, with me it is not. I like hearing someone’s voice. If we are friends, that’s not how I want to find out you are pregnant, getting a divorce, have a boyfriend, are moving, or have made any other significant life change. Unless you feel our friendship is on the same level as your high school algebra teacher, co-worker from 4 years ago, and that ex you’re stalking from college. I won't even get into the fact that as an HR person that hires people for a living...your page tells me more than your resume, and believe me...I use it.

Call me old fashioned, but I think that it makes relationships less personal and the personal part is what I love about my friends.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fruity pebbles, fiber, and takeover karaoke

My girls’ weekend in San Diego was, as expected, a great time. Sunny and 78 degrees we lounged, ate, shopped, drank, danced and caught up. Honestly with those two I would be happy just sitting on the deck, reading magazines with a glass of wine talking about our lives. All weekend I did hear “this can’t go on the blog” or “that should totally go on the blog”. Blog censorship I tell you.

Friday we were walking around PB and Val wanted to try this new frozen yogurt place. It’s one of those where you pay by the weight but serve yourself and they have a million toppings you can add. The sizes we got would be embarrassing for normal people but not to us. I decided on nonfat pistachio and was unsure what topping would complement the flavor. Val looked at me and in all seriousness said “yogurt chips of course”...well a traditional person would think that. I tend to color outside the lines so I went with fruity pebbles. They mocked me, until they tasted it and were jealous. It’s a little bit of heaven friends. Colleen had added coco puffs and we told her they looked like rabbit turds. Friend love.

Fiber...well I think the more you know your friends the more you know. Sometimes bordering on TMI. So I will spare you the details of the conversations revolving around bathroom topics and just tell you that when Val stood up and announced “fiber shots you guys?” I literally laughed out loud. She said it as if she was a bartender. Fiber shots?? Her philosophy is that regularity is a good thing. The girl went and mixed something with water and put it in these tiny shot like glasses and we drank them like it was patron. Only with them.

Takeover Karaoke was Saturday night. We all got ready and sat around the table at home drinking and snacking. All of a sudden we looked up and it was 10:30, we were already well on our way to buzzed and needed to go. The destination was one of my favorites, a dive karaoke bar that is so crowded on the weekend you won’t get to sing a song unless you pay the dj a lot of $. Even then it’s a long shot. We knew with our late start we would never have a chance on the mic. Well...our group is less than shy. So when Journey’s “Don’t stop, believing” came on and 2 guys went up on the stage...we did what any normal group would do. We took over. The girls literally got on stage, took the mics and started singing... it wasn’t a hostile takeover because the boys were allowed to sing along. It was classic. Let’s just say we were “those girls”. The night ended at Santana’s for late night burritos and might have forgotten Colleen...and she might have had to walk home...I’m just saying.
Real friendship is that the next morning she wasn’t pissed. I think the sweet justice for her was that I couldn’t eat a thing all day, and was a lovely greenish color all the way home to Dallas.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

D Bag Jason

I can't even talk about the Bachelor last night it makes me so enraged. I heard this was the ending about 4 weeks ago and just kept hoping that it was wrong, that it was a trick to keep us on our toes. It wasn't, and I am totally disgusted with ABC, Jason, Chris Harrison and Molly. All of them are total D Bags and I will never watch again.
Even though I love Jillian and know she will be an entertaining bachlorette last night changed how I feel about it forever, and I'm done. Peace out. I would rather be trapped in a daycare for 5 hours with sick runny nosed screaming children and no Lysol than hear 2 seconds more of what anyone associated with last nights train wreck has to say.