Sunday, March 18, 2012

He floats

Halfway into the lessons and he's floating on his own and can roll over. Now we just have to combine the 2.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Andrew's here

This morning Andrew Timothy arrived at 5:11am in Ft Worth. He is 8lbs, 15ozs, and 21 inches long. He has very long fingers and toes. Allison and Andrew did great, she went into labor on her own, had some drugs near the end and delivered him with no issues. Rob supportive as usual kept telling her he didn't think she was in labor. Then when her face contorted and she stopped talking he said "ok maybe you are". It's fun to think that he and Nate are 6 months apart and will be buddies. We're excited about the newest member of the family and all these boys will keep us busy!

The below photos are priceless, the kid kept pooping and at first Rob and my mom were totally grossed out, but then they couldn't stop laughing. The poop jokes start early in our family. Welcome to it little guy.

Swim Time

Today was swim lesson #2, of Nate's infant water survival class. I wouldn't say he's a fan. In fact he cries for some of it, and looks pitiful as I stand there and take pictures. With babies it's all about repetitive actions and short periods of time, so his lesson is about 12 min, but it's 4 days a week for 4 weeks. The bigger commitment is on me of course. But I am a water safety fanatic, former lifeguard and instructor with 10 years of swim team. With that I've had to pull kids out and do CPR, and every parent thinks it will never happen to them. So I just don't feel casually about water safety. In 4 weeks he should know how to fall in fully clothed, hold his breath, kick to the surface, turn over and float on his back unassisted. I'll post once we're finished with an update.