Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bluebonnets on the ranch

Tell me he shouldn't be on ad for Texas in spring. He was a good sport, it was 2 photo sessions in 2 different outfits while at my in-laws for Easter weekend. He never cried and was more interested in pulling the flowers than anything else.

We call the in laws place the ranch, but that's not doesn't have any working crops. But it is over 110 acres with cows, a pond, with fish and turtles, and 2 barns etc. Lots of places I imagine this little boy once mobile will want to explore.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Friend or Foe

I think neither know quite yet. Kona generally avoids Nate who finds him totally fascinating and hilarious.

As soon as the kid is mobile I have a feeling we will only see Kona under the highchair at meal time.

Spring has sprung

It was almost 90 degrees this weekend, so like everyone else in Dallas we went to the nursery and worked on the yard. And by we I mean Chris worked his butt off. The baby and I played in the yard. Random note, my kid LOVES the grass. I've been told that generally babies don't like it, but mine can't get enough of it. He's a mess this kid of mine.

For the most part home ownership is a total time and money suck. Generally we have something that needs something all the time. But tonight when I looked out at the yard I felt proud. Not quite Yard Crashers, but pretty good for 2 people who didn't know a thing about plants.

The yard when we bought the house.

The yard today.