Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

My first one was pretty darn special.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's official. He started crawling while we were gone, the little sinker! He's all over the place and his target items are my shoes, and electronics. We spent the weekend baby proofing but I still find him around the house looking like this.

Bright Lights

Big City. We headed to NYC to celebrate a year of hard work, and it was Chris's birthday. If you follow this you might know that it's a tradition to leave town on the Bonus/Birthday weekend. The baby was with the in-laws and spoiled of course. I will say 6 days was a little long and I missed him terribly.
Last time we did all the tourist things, so this time we tried to pretend we lived there. We almost moved to NYC 5 years ago, but Chris turned the job offer down. That was the right decision, but every time we visit we talk about it.
We stayed in Tribecca, which we loved accept it was the film festival and a little insane. We walked the high-line, ate at Chelsea marketplace, people watched along the Hudson etc.
For the birthday we had a special dinner at Jean George. My feeble attempt to describe the food would fail so I won't but OMG. We saw a few shows: Once (amazing) and Memphis, and visited the memorial. It was haunting and surreal that those fountains are the exact footprints of the twin towers.
My favorite memory will be walking to breakfast and just sitting, eating and reading the paper and chatting. Nowhere to go, no sitter to rush home to, or nap schedule to plan around, or dog to feed. A few days with no responsibility is necessary once in a while.