Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We got one little bugger in a trap but of course we have 2 or 3 more on the lamb. I came home the other day, looked on the roof, and there it was in the cage. Because it was after 5pm, the trapper office was closed and our fluffy friend was going to have to sit caged on the roof overnight until the trapper got the message and came in the morning. Chris was worried and checked on it several times, even suggested throwing a blanket over it so other animals couldn't pick on it. WHAT? Sometimes I feel that we think alike. In this case we clearly do not.

1 down...a few more to go.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


The last few weeks we have had some unwelcome houseguests. They're loud, and keep us up at night because they decided to make the area right above our bedroom their favorite spot. It sounds like people walking around up there and I feel like they're eating thru the sheetrock. My fear is that one day it will fall thru and land on me. Let’s just say trauma would be an understatement.

The last straw for me was this past weekend. We were working in the yard, getting ready to plant for spring, and the alarm in the house kept kicking off. We walked in and the “trouble” light was blinking. The security company called and after trouble shooting determined that one of our sirens was sending an error message. The reason…the wire to that siren seemed to be in the way of our family of squirrels. So they just ate thru it!

After that we contacted a few companies known to take care of such things. They arrived yesterday with traps. Traps? Seriously I told the guy can’t you just gas the little suckers and get the carcasses out. He was mortified. Hello, I’m a country girl…where I come from we don’t swerve for squirrel. There are plenty of them. However the city folk here just don’t feel the same. They trap them, and then go over to White Rock Lake and release them. Then the same company will come seal up any areas they feel that the squirrels or other animals might be able to get into. So now we have traps baited with food and nuts to attract, but not harm these fluffy rats. They are smart little freaks though because it hasn’t seemed to work….yet. Stay tuned. If not I might take matters into my own hands. PETA be dammed when it comes to squirrel, rats, possum, armadillo, and gophers.