Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's hot!

June is here, summer is upon us and we've already had several days in the 100 degree category. Bleh. Why God decided I should be pregnant for the entire summer I will never know. I am not a fan.

We have been spending as much time as possible with this guy, who will be 2 next month.

Someone also felt like the baby needed a bigger car to haul it's crap around. Have you ever seen anyone happier?

I'm trying to stay comfortable and have about 8 weeks until this kiddo hopefully decides to join us. This is a pic of the crib/bassinet and a little something we put on the wall. It's much more finished now, but I don't have any pics that really capture the room.

Charleston, SC

May was also a Memorial Weekend Girls trip to Charleston, SC. I wasn't in charge of the camera, and I'm not even sure I want to allow pics at that point forward in the pregnancy. No one really needs to see that.

Jen, Elizabeth, Barbie and I went South for some food that was to die for, the men still wear bow ties at lunch, and seersucker is everywhere. It literally looked like a JCrew/Brooks Brothers catalog. Of course we went on the busiest weekend of the year, and had no idea. When the bartender told us the first night we would be lucky to get reservations I was on faster than you know. That little app saved us and we ate very well.

We LOVED it. The houses, plantations, food, shopping, horse drawn carriage rides, and even rocking on the porch of a beach house we crashed one night (we were invited). It was the last girls trip for me as a non mom, so I tried to max it out. Swelling and discomfort be dammed. Of course we already have the trip for next year on the books, but this one I will always remember.

Jen/Elizabeth. Posting pics from this adventure is all on you :)

Showered Baby

May was also my baby shower. I still can’t quite put into words how beautiful and special it was. 6 hostesses can be a lot, but Allison was in charge, and made it look so easy. It also helps when in general my friends are pretty much the best.

It happened to be the only nice weather Saturday we’ve had in a while, so we totally lucked out. It was in the backyard at Helen’s house, and was bird themed with nests, and birds and the colors were Grey, Yellow and White. The details were so amazing and it looked like Martha Stuart had planned it herself.

I’m so awkward at these things, I like parties but not when I'm the one being stared at, so I was a little anxious. All of Chris’ family came, and my Aunt Marty flew in from CA, my mom was here, and so many special local friends. The gifts were overly generous, and luckily because so many of them are moms, also practical. When it was over I wished I had stood up and said something to everyone but I just was overwhelmed and didn’t at the time. So if you were there, and are reading this…this is for you.

THANK YOU. All of you are a special part of this journey, and it hasn’t been easy. I feel so blessed to call you all friends (and family) and know that this baby will be loved beyond measure. Chris’s mom said that excited is too small a word to describe how she feels about this baby, and I just feel so lucky. Thank you Allison for killing yourself over this party, it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you to Jen, Christine, Heather, Erin’s G and N, and Helen for hosting. Thank you Elizabeth for the cooking lessons for Jenn and the recipes.

Santa Barbara

In early May we took a birthday trip to Santa Barbara, CA. It was amazing. Perfect weather, lots of relaxing, and extra fun because Rob and Allison came along. I won't even tell you about the hotel hook up because it was ridiculous.

We were able to go to the Santa Barbara Mission, The Reagan Library, and did lots of eating and shopping. Some people might have done more drinking. Alas I was the driver. We saw a lot of celebs, drove by Oprah’s house, enjoyed coffee bean and tea leaf blended drinks, and listened to the ocean from our patio. When it’s 78 with 0% humidity it’s hard to ever want to leave. It was a blissful.

The man himself

The view, from the hanger with Air Force One. Yes, an entire plan fits in this glass house, and you can tour it.

Santa Barbara Harbor

So many things, so little time

It's been a while since April! I am terrible at this blog thing, and have been for a while. Actaully lots of us are. It just isn't as easy or fun as it used to be. It's blocked at work, and finding the time to do it at home, load pics's just not a priority.

I'm going to do a few small posts to get caught up, and then we'll see.