Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The incident

A few weeks ago Chris woke up at 1:30am one night with VERY sharp stomach pains. He thought it was food poisoning, or a gall stone or something. He didn’t want to wake me so he went to the restroom, just in case. TMI I know. However nothing happened, and when he was bearing down in pain, he also held his breath. When he went to stand up, he passed out. Keep in mind I was asleep, and I woke up to this terrible crash sound, I called out to him and didn’t get a response. So I ran to the bathroom and he was passed out on the floor, with a big bump on his forehead. He clearly had hit his head on the way down. I had no idea about the stomach so I was freaking out. He came to and tried to stand up again (even though I INSISTED he not) and his eyes rolled back and he seized and fell again. This time I was 100% sure, for about 30 seconds, that I was going to be a widow. I was thinking “this is it”. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Then he started to make some noise and I sighed, ran for the cell phone and dialed 911. He, still not listening to me, crawled to the bed and climbed in. He also began to bark orders that didn’t really stop, let’s just say he’s the worse patient ever. The EMT’s came, checked his vitals, and told him they thought it was a kidney stone because of the stomach and back pain he was having. They told him that because he had passed out 2x, and hit his head he would have to go to the ER, and he could either go with me, or them. He picked me. It’s cheaper you know. At least that’s what he was telling me. They helped him into the car and off we went, 2:15am to the ER. Several hours and 2 CAT scans later, the stomach pain is a mystery, no stones…no signs of anything. However it appears that when he fell that first time, he fell so hard that he BROKE A VERTEBRE. Yep, that’s right. His L2. At 5:30 we hobbled out of the ER, off to the pharmacy for some very strong pain narcotics, then home. He continued to be a terrible patient for 2 days until I let him go back to work without yet seeing an Ortho, which were the original orders. He has been healing nicely, but it will be about 6-8 weeks before the fracture is healed completely.