Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heidi- My New Niece

Well she’s a dog, but that is as close to a niece and I’m going to get for a while.

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Heidi, sweet thing. A German Boxer (hence the name) and the cutest thing I have ever seen. Heidi is a bossy, feisty, assertive little girl and I have a feeling will be the dominant one shortly. Poor Sophie, displaced by the new baby. They have another boxer; Sophie; who is 2 and felt it was time to get her some company, enter Heidi. All I can say is dog’s are a lot like people. Sophie was none too thrilled to have this little thing around. In fact she was downright upset, and on the rare occasion that she feels like playing with her, is spending the rest of the time trying to get away from her. I think in time she will adjust. I mean who couldn’t come to love that face?

Friday Night Lights

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I am obsessed with this show. When I thought they were going to cancel it last year I was ready to stage my own protest. Luckily for me…it returned and it’s even better than the first season! My mom feels the same way, but unfortunately for her she has been away with her Red Cross save the world from natural disaster response teams. Whatever. So she calls me one night this week to ask me for a verbal rundown of the last 2 Fridays. It went something like this

Mom: “I haven’t been able to watch it at all…I’m just going to have to fly out to Texas to watch it on your Tivo”.
Me: “Well this wouldn’t be the case if you and Dad entered the 20th century and not only got CABLE, but some sort of DVR device. You know it’s almost time to throw out those Beta tapes.”
Mom: “Shut up.”

So I launched into the description of the episodes about why everyone is falling apart without my sweet Coach Taylor and I hear my dad laughing in the background.

My dad: “You act like you guys know these people.”

HELLO We do!!! Men are cluless.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Think Pink

Operation Save Second Base
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This past weekend I am proud to say I was the Captain of the BEST team in Dallas for the Susan G Komen Walk. Our team was called “Operation Save Second Base” and we got a ton of compliments on our t-shirts (THANKS WENDY!!) They were pink camouflage with an army green dog tag on the back that said Operation Save Second Base. Adorable.

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All of Dallas turned out for this event and it was literally a sea of Pink. According to race results 25,500 people participated in the 5K event, and raised nearly 1 million dollars. I am happy to say our team hit our goal of $3,000! It was an experience for everyone. We were walking in Memory of our friend Julie’s mom who lost her battle 2 years ago. It was hard to see the faces of young kids walking in memory of their mom, and women not much older than me wearing “Survivor” shirts. Of course there were humorous moments as well. I nearly took a dive because I was talking (of course) and walked right into a cone. No surprise there!

This event also confirmed my thought that Target is the best store ever. They are the main sponsor of the race here in Dallas and had employees turn out by the hundreds to line the course of the race…all volunteering their time.

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I am proud of all my friends who walked or donated to this wonderful cause, and thank you for making it a special day.

The Boyd's

Our good friends Chris and Meg were married this month. I know strange that they have the SAME NAMES!!?? Even more strange is that we knew them separately before they knew each other. Chris Boyd went to grad school with my Chris, and Meg was friends with another student Sara. The wedding was a huge Dallas event, for those of you that are not familiar with Dallas society weddings, or Texas weddings in general all I have to say is you need to see it to believe it.

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I felt like I walked into a weddings issue from In Style. There were at least 350-400 people, it was formal, and no detail was missed. Starting with the full choir, trumpets, organ and bells at the actual church, to the 12 piece band at the reception. Meg's mom even recreated her favorite old school soda fountain in one of the reception halls; Highland Park Pharmacy...complete with floats, shakes, grilled cheese and all. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it.
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They were absolutely glowing. Because they had to say “hi” to everyone we had about 3 seconds with them…so Chris took a picture with the life size cut out pictures of them at the reception (see below).
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Tex and Corny Dogs

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Who doesn't love a good State Fair?? Come on all the carney's and rides that might smell like someone else's lunch. It's so American. We go for the food. At the Texas State Fair you can literally get anything in the world fried. Fried latte, fried guacamole...fried mac and cheese balls. We've got it all. I usually go and eat until I am literally sick, but this year had a bit of restraint (my brother Rob got sick instead). We started with the Fletcher's Corney Dog, then onto a smoked turkey leg, and the piece de resistance...dippin dots. To clarify, Chris and I shared the turkey leg so in all we weren't half bad.

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Just the people watching alone at the fair is worth a trip and I promise you won't be dissappointed. If anyone happened to catch Ross the intern on Jay Leno, they sent him to the fair for the big TX-OU game. It was classic, and will tell you all you need to know about the Texas State Fair. I highly reccommend finding it in U-Tube.

Fall and Football

Hello Texas it's fall. Growing up in the mountains of Northern California means crisp cold fall air, hot chocolate at Friday night football games, and a Northface fleece. Here in the Lone Star State it is 85 degrees today! I guess at some point it will decide to go from hot to freezing in 24 hours, but who knows when that will be. I am ready for a change in season.

Not living with a guy has HUGE advantages sometimes ladies, and actually being able to watch must see TV is one of them. Football or baseball (playoffs) is on 5 nights a week at our place. I am forced to Tivo everything and try and sneak in my guilty fix of The Office and Gossip Girl (don't ask). I am a huge college football fan, a growing Cowboys fan...but I will never ever be a baseball fan. Hate it. I'm sorry, if that is America's pastime than I vote for a recall. So think of me if you are one of the lucky ones that have control of the remote at your house.