Saturday, October 01, 2011

He's here

3 days old (no we're not naked)

Born via c-section Nathaniel Thomas weighed in at 9.3lbs, and over 21 inches long. In non mom terms...a BIG baby. We didn't know the gender and when Chris said "It's a boy" we were both shocked at how much we had expected a girl. And a petite girl at that. Needless to say when my Dr peeked over the curtain and said "aren't you glad we went with the c-section" I was in total agreement. It was fast (10 min), and the recovery wasn't bad at all. The first 48 hours were a little brutal but I kept myself on a lot of drugs so I wouldn't feel it. We had a ton of visitors to the hospital, and I can't thank everyone enough for all the meals. It's been amazing. We are well loved and so grateful to each of you. I'm not quite sure how to pay it forward but I plan on trying.

He's 6 weeks old and it feels like both the longest and shortest 6 weeks of my life. It's true, no one can prepare you for this. The joy, the sleep loss, the helpless feeling when they're crying, the comedic moments, the short tempers (because of the sleep loss) WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BOOBS! Seriously...if you're on the fence about kids take a good look at your tata's and enjoy them. Babies change them forever, and not in a hot/sexy way. However I take one look at this piglet and know he's worth it. That and I live in the land of boob augmentation so hey, I have options.

5 weeks old

I feel like I'm not qualified to be 100% responsible for a little human, but am working hard at it. I've learned that people will judge that I'm going back to work, and compare kids and milestones, and that in order to be on time to anything we have to start an hour earlier than we used to. I live in yoga pants and tank tops, and have the smell of baby spit up on me regularly. I will never eat a warm meal, and sometimes forget to eat completely, and even though baby weight might be will never fit the same. I have also learned that I never knew I could love something so much, stare at something for so long, and kiss something as often as I do this little man.