Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The incident

A few weeks ago Chris woke up at 1:30am one night with VERY sharp stomach pains. He thought it was food poisoning, or a gall stone or something. He didn’t want to wake me so he went to the restroom, just in case. TMI I know. However nothing happened, and when he was bearing down in pain, he also held his breath. When he went to stand up, he passed out. Keep in mind I was asleep, and I woke up to this terrible crash sound, I called out to him and didn’t get a response. So I ran to the bathroom and he was passed out on the floor, with a big bump on his forehead. He clearly had hit his head on the way down. I had no idea about the stomach so I was freaking out. He came to and tried to stand up again (even though I INSISTED he not) and his eyes rolled back and he seized and fell again. This time I was 100% sure, for about 30 seconds, that I was going to be a widow. I was thinking “this is it”. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Then he started to make some noise and I sighed, ran for the cell phone and dialed 911. He, still not listening to me, crawled to the bed and climbed in. He also began to bark orders that didn’t really stop, let’s just say he’s the worse patient ever. The EMT’s came, checked his vitals, and told him they thought it was a kidney stone because of the stomach and back pain he was having. They told him that because he had passed out 2x, and hit his head he would have to go to the ER, and he could either go with me, or them. He picked me. It’s cheaper you know. At least that’s what he was telling me. They helped him into the car and off we went, 2:15am to the ER. Several hours and 2 CAT scans later, the stomach pain is a mystery, no stones…no signs of anything. However it appears that when he fell that first time, he fell so hard that he BROKE A VERTEBRE. Yep, that’s right. His L2. At 5:30 we hobbled out of the ER, off to the pharmacy for some very strong pain narcotics, then home. He continued to be a terrible patient for 2 days until I let him go back to work without yet seeing an Ortho, which were the original orders. He has been healing nicely, but it will be about 6-8 weeks before the fracture is healed completely.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Empire State of Mind

I came, I saw, I conquered. 8 days in the Big Apple: 4 just my mom and I, and the other 4 with Chris and his family. Literally we did everything accept walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Here are some of the highlights.

2 years

2 years came and went a month or so ago. I still remember that 21st night of September like it was yesterday. It's been quite a year, and I have to say that thru it all I've been amazed at how we have grown closer, and learned to lean on each other in a way we hadn't before. I've learned in year 2 that we have no control, and we aren't guaranteed the things we want, but I have faith in knowing I picked the person who will walk thru the minefield with me, and go sailing in the storm. He is a promise keeper, and I am so thankful.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guess Where I Am?

Alright I’ll tell you because you'll never guess. I’m at the Congressional Black Caucus as a representative for my company. Not kidding. I mean I’m happy to be here and learn about the political platform, but I do feel slightly out of place.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Long time gone

Lot's has happened, but nothing crazy exciting. I'll just provide the short version of the last month plus.

We started May in Miami and Key West for Chris' birthday. LOVED the Conrad in Miami. I think we will pass on the keys in the future. It was humid and felt like we were in a golden girls meets jersey shore on vacation. Great people watching.

And have spent plenty of time with the nephew, who will be 1 in a few weeks! I can't get enough.

Chris was baptised. It was hot, crowded and amazing.

Relaxed for a weekend with friends at the Manning Ranch. I learned that firefly sweet tea vodka can be a sneaky but delicious libation, John Manning can never take enough pictures, Chris Shahan loves cupcakes, and miller high life is the champagne of beers. Being that this was the 3rd annual we decided the weekend needed a name. Shaheinagaines.

Now you're all up to speed.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No way!!!

I came across a little item in my post vacay blog catch up. According to the advocate Lakwood blog, Dallas has 6 area sites under contract with more in Ft Worth and other pockets of the metroplex. If this is true...this CA girl will be the happiest girl in Texas.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We got one little bugger in a trap but of course we have 2 or 3 more on the lamb. I came home the other day, looked on the roof, and there it was in the cage. Because it was after 5pm, the trapper office was closed and our fluffy friend was going to have to sit caged on the roof overnight until the trapper got the message and came in the morning. Chris was worried and checked on it several times, even suggested throwing a blanket over it so other animals couldn't pick on it. WHAT? Sometimes I feel that we think alike. In this case we clearly do not.

1 down...a few more to go.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


The last few weeks we have had some unwelcome houseguests. They're loud, and keep us up at night because they decided to make the area right above our bedroom their favorite spot. It sounds like people walking around up there and I feel like they're eating thru the sheetrock. My fear is that one day it will fall thru and land on me. Let’s just say trauma would be an understatement.

The last straw for me was this past weekend. We were working in the yard, getting ready to plant for spring, and the alarm in the house kept kicking off. We walked in and the “trouble” light was blinking. The security company called and after trouble shooting determined that one of our sirens was sending an error message. The reason…the wire to that siren seemed to be in the way of our family of squirrels. So they just ate thru it!

After that we contacted a few companies known to take care of such things. They arrived yesterday with traps. Traps? Seriously I told the guy can’t you just gas the little suckers and get the carcasses out. He was mortified. Hello, I’m a country girl…where I come from we don’t swerve for squirrel. There are plenty of them. However the city folk here just don’t feel the same. They trap them, and then go over to White Rock Lake and release them. Then the same company will come seal up any areas they feel that the squirrels or other animals might be able to get into. So now we have traps baited with food and nuts to attract, but not harm these fluffy rats. They are smart little freaks though because it hasn’t seemed to work….yet. Stay tuned. If not I might take matters into my own hands. PETA be dammed when it comes to squirrel, rats, possum, armadillo, and gophers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coming Soon

When I bought my condo 4 years ago the promise of Whole Foods loomed on the horizon. Here we are 4 years later, and it's finally opening next week. I can't wait. I keep hoping that between Park Lane with this Whole Foods, and Top Golf that my little hood will start to turn around.

This is a little blurb from the article about the opening of the store.
The 64,000-square-foot store features a wine bar that serves cheese and lets shoppers walk the aisles with a glass. It's the chain's first to score seafood with color-coding sustainability fishing labels. A customized cupcake station with a variety of flavors, toppings and fillings is new and next to a self-serve frozen yogurt bar.

Um did someone say customized cupcake station? Genius. A few weeks ago I went to the flagship WF in Austin and picked up some sushi, and I have to say...it was as good, if not better than the restaurants and SO much cheaper!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So wrong

I have no idea what made them choose this song, but man are they terrible singers. And I'm not sure what "this kiss" has to do with the Superbowl in Dallas next year. Regardless I saw this on the news this morning and had to share. Tony Romo and Nolan Ryan are my personal favs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What dreams are made of…

First of all who doesn’t love Jay Z? This pic is the backdrop from his concert. Let's hear it for NY.

I have so many memories of hearing his songs in clubs or bars over the past 11 years. God it’s been that long?!?! Everything from 99 problems, to Hard Knock Life, Big Pimpin, Can I Get A What What, and my personal favorite…Dirt Off Your Shoulder.
Last night Callie and I scored some prime platinum seating at the AAC with a price tag of $20. Who could say no to that? Jay Z performed them all, and was awesome. I think the people watching was also second to none. At first we stuck out a little, but started to fit right in with our lyrical knowledge and throwing our diamonds up and by the end of the show we were legit. Picked up all that grammatical poetry from the folks around us.

It was a fun time, and also a gentle reminder that I’m getting older. Vodka and red bull till midnight on a school night doesn’t make the next morning as easy as it once was.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It was everywhere, and although a pain...it was beautiful. Most of us enjoyed some time off work, and the neighborhood snowball fights. I didn't enjoy a few days sans power. No power = no heat, and no hot water. I saw a lot of snowmen and can say I was here for the biggest snow storm in Dallas TX history.

My b-day was shared with many events this year. The Twins turned 2 and had a party, and Erin & Josh had a housewarming party. I got morning cuddle time with my nephew, and lunch with Rob & Allison. I saw a movie with some girlfriends, went to lunch with a few others, another gave me season 2 of Friday Night Lights on DVD and we decided to watch 8 episodes in a row (my idea of a perfect day). My husband also made me breakfast in bed, and sent 2 doz roses to the office.

The only bummer...my mom didn't call. She seems to think that because she is very sick, and combined cold meds with a margarita, therefore knocking her unconscious for 24 hours...somehow makes it ok. I know I'm a grown up and it shouldn't matter, but it does. She apologized, and I know it wasn't intentional and accepted her apology, but it mattered.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gratuitous Baby pics

I mean I know you're all dying to see him right? Ha. I can't stand it, he's 6 months old and the most adorable baby on the planet. I know I'm biased but he is. Look at those rolls! So squishable.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Cowboys

I like my job, but occasionally something extra fun comes my way. Last week a guy that's been trying to get a meeting figured out the way to my heart is sports. It isn't by dropping off cookies, taking me to lunch, or sending an edible bouquet. Those are nice, and other vendors try those often, but he called with an offer that means I can't screen him on caller id any more. Tickets for Chris and I to the Cowboys playoff game! Not just that, but dinner, parking and free beer...I mean seriously? So Saturday afternoon we bundled up, being that it was about 20 degrees outside, and headed to Arlington. We had a nice dinner with our host and his girlfriend, and then headed to the stadium.
I haven't had that much fun at a football game in years. So much energy, and noise and great seats. We got to know all the people around us and were fist bumping, yelling and dancing. We even harassed the few eagles fans in our section. The most adorable 9yr old was sitting in front of me wearing a Miles Austin jersey, and every time Miles would do something he would grab his jersey and pull at it to show everyone one that Miles was his guy, then he would turn to me for a high 5. It was adorable. It was a big win, and a big night out for us and we loved it.