Friday, March 14, 2008


Invitations. Who knew there were thousands to choose from? Not only that, but you have to decide on the color, font, additional embellishments, envelope style, address placement, wording etc. Come on! I don't think that 90% of people that pick up your invitation notice any of those details really. It goes on the fridge, you might notice it's pretty...but I doubt that my friends will look at it and say " Oh look Megan used that beautiful Lucida font".

I do think that people would have noticed had I gone with the one that Chris suggested. I thought I knew him so well, I can usually tell the things he likes, or doesn't like. He honestly sent this to me as a serious suggestion on what he would choose. I kindly refused, hopefully in a way that did not break his sweet spirit...but refused none the less. I think you all might just agree with my decision on this one. I tried to save a picture but it wasn't working so below is the link to the invitation that was suggested.

In his defense we are getting married in Lake Tahoe, and the background is mountains etc...but I still had to suggest strongly another alternative. Well not so much suggest, but I designed and ordered a different one.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Tonight's Bachelor: "Where are they now"? I can't wait. I've been watching this show and have had many a crush on a few of the guys that have been on the show in some capacity. Can't wait. It's tragic TV, but I look forward to it every time.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Dear Mother Nature,

Snow...seriously? It was 80 degrees last weekend, 80! I'm weather fragile from California. I have been here almost 4 years and every week you manage to find a new way to mess with me! The weather here effects my wardrobe, hair, weekend plans, and commute because of your constant changes. I am pleading with you to cease and desist.


Stuck in 2 hours of traffic Megan

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I know this is totally delayed, but with all the stuff we had going on over the last few weeks we didn’t get a chance to go visit the Twin babies born to our friends Chris and Heather. The boys arrived on Valentine’s Day and both babies were healthy and able to go home only a few days later.

Get this. She had them both without a C Section and NO EPIDURAL. Hello Heather you are a Rock Star. Seriously. Not one but 2 kids, and no major drugs…amazing.

Chris is recently obsessed with babies. Other peoples babies, but babies none the less. I’m not saying this in a “oh how sweet he will be a great dad” tone…I’m saying this in a “you better low jack your baby” tone. I am kidding of course, but it’s cracking us all up. He has been chomping at the bit to get to Ft Worth to see these boys since we got the call they were going to the Hospital.

So I am introducing: Colby Allen and Hagan Reid. Also notice how my fiancé is in heaven. I’m going to go count my BC pills now (ha).


Did you Caucus?

How can you not giggle a little at that word? Texas...did you caucus last night?

I have always been fascinated by politics and the system in general and even though cynicism tells most of us that the idea of One Man One Vote is far from accurate, I still feel like mine counts. I don't care who anyone likes, supports, hates whatever...shut up, get off your ass and vote. Debate with me all you want on why your man or woman rocks the casbaugh, but if you didn't do anything about it can shut it.

We are lucky to have the opportunity people in other countries only dream of. We choose who runs, we choose who wins..we choose. We might not agree, but we get to participate. Yesterday I waited 2 hours to make my voice heard. I hope you did to.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Engagement Party Pics

Ok rather than bore you with all the photos I will send you to the link where you can browse them to your hearts content.



The party. It happened and it was amazing. I can’t put into words how moved Chris and I were and how much fun it was. When you have almost all of your family and close friends in one house, and a few bottles of wine…I mean glasses…what’s better?

The engagement party was themed after a night in Paris, because that is where we are going on our Honeymoon. French wine, champagne, French snacks along with cupcakes of course! It had been planned by the best girl’s: Christine, Jen and Allison with the help and house of Chris and Meg Boyd. We also had 40+ friends and family in attendance. I was very nervous, and of course didn’t get to talk with everyone I wanted too, or for as long as I wanted too…but I think it is a dry run for the rehearsal. For those of you who I didn’t get to hang with I apologize.


Some people were selected to give toasts, all the parents being among them. They had such nice things to say, and it was a wonderful opportunity for everyone we care about to meet each other. I hadn’t planned on saying anything, and didn’t really say what I wanted too once I reflected on it. So I will say it now. I looked out over that crowd and realized that Dallas is home. I came here 3+ years ago not knowing anyone, and to see people that will be lifelong friends that I didn’t even know 4 years ago, and I can’t imagine life without was so moving to me. I saw faces from a job that lasted 4 weeks, I saw faces from another job after that, and people who’s couches I slept on, or who took me to dinner and showed me the town…people who were there the night I met Chris, and for all the stalking that came after that…people who had gotten married and were having babies. I just stepped back and was overwhelmed at what an incredible group of friends we have.

I will post pictures later as Chris's step dad John took well over 100...or at least post the link. Look for that later this week!