Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall recruiting season

It’s fun to go see various schools and all the future college grads so excited to move into the next phase of life. They approach you, and the other tables unsure of themselves, and how to get a job and the real world. Students usually have done some research and have a few questions but without fail my favorite question asked at least once is “have you ever met Paris?” Um yeah, she has an office next to mine and we are like bff’s. It can be a very long day of pretending that sometimes the real world of having a job doesn't suck...but I don't want to be the one to break their spirits. Not yet anyway.

This past week I was at the University of Virginia and honestly…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful campus. Pepperdine is pretty awesome, but this felt like the college in the movies…or the one we pictured as kids. It’s all brick and white columns, with tree colors changing for fall and sweatshirts at the football games. The town beautiful as well with boutiques, restaurants, bookstores and coffee shops all built into hills and tree covered streets. I told Chris that I've added it to my domestic travel list because I want to go back when I'm not working.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Heaven

Lake Tahoe. Always has been, always will be. The final leg of the CA tour was in Tahoe because we love it, and because we were married here. We stayed in South Shore this time because it has a little more to do, and my corporate rate was alive and well on this trip. Every time we’ve gone Chris has wanted to hike the Rubicon Trail, and this time we did it! I may have almost died on the way back up but that is irrelevant. The below pics are from the top and the bottom of the hike.

We also rode yet another gondola to the top of Heavenly. Chris wasn’t a fan of the wind gusts that had us rocking, and being that someone died on the chair lift (that was optional) 2 weeks before I couldn't blame him. but the view was the reward. We were above 9,000 feet at the top.

We gambled a little, walked a lot, and of course found places to watch both the Dallas and UT games. The nights were in the low 40’s, and perfect for outdoor fire pits and s’mores. It was 3 days of total relaxation before we headed back to Dallas.


After 2 days in SF we headed to the next stop. Napa. I booked 2 wine tours in advance, one a cave tour at Robert Sinskey, and a twilight tour at Mondavi. The Sinskey cave tour was lacking, I wouldn’t recommend it. The wine was delicious, but the tour was short, and the guide seemed to rush everyone thru. After that we had lunch reservations at a French restaurant. Lunch with champagne in honor of our anniversary. The food was to die for. In between lunch and the wine tours we went to Sterling Vineyard.It requires a gondola ride to the top and it views are worth it. The wine is ok; go for the view if you’re going to go.

We also had a snack at Taylors Automatic Refresher along the way. It was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives...and it was on my list of things to do.

The twilight tour at Mondavi was probably the highlight of our trip. The winery had closed, the tour was only for 14 people and we had the entire place to ourselves. Sipping wine in a vineyard as the sun sets is pretty perfect, especially when it’s 72 degrees. The tour guide pulled out bottles of reserve along with cheese, meats, olives and almonds. It was a blissful 3 hours. We were only in Napa one night but we plan on going back for more.


When deciding where to go to celebrate year 1 we picked a few places in California, starting in San Francisco. We kept it low key, minimal agenda and the weather was perfect. In no particular order we rode a cable car (of course), ate amazing food, walked the Palace of Fine arts and grabbed lunch the Ferry Building marketplace. We also took the ferry to Sausalito.

While on a morning walk I saw a beautiful park across from the waterfront. We wandered over; because of course among this amazing park was a starbucks. As we were seated on a bench watching the people walk by we realized...this is not a park...this is a company campus. But what company would have this amazing location...and their own starbucks...not to mention the buildings, day care and tennis courts? None of the buildings were marked and I tried to look at badges but it was clearly top secret. After consulting the University of Google on my iphone, and seeing this fountain as we walked...I realized it was Lucas Entertainment. As in George Lucas, as in Star Wars...the campus of his company.

We also had dinner with my favorite bay area couple Noah and Krystin, who got us into a private speakeasy...password required and all. The cover of the menu says “don’t even think about ordering a Cosmo”. Loved it.

1 year

It’s hard to believe it was 1 year ago. It flew by really. 1 year of wedded bliss. Well bliss might be a little over kill but very close. To the man who checks on my friends and their babies when I’m out of town, picks up my 10 pairs of shoes that I leave around the house, sings the wrong song lyrics in the car, works 12 hour days every week and never complains...I adore you more every day of the last 365 than the day before. Gag away people, after a year married to me he more than deserves this post.

Are you ready?

Tonight, Cowboys...and the Monday night game. I’m hoping that they look better than they have the last 2 weeks. Pick Princess Romo needs to get it under control.

I have one love on the Cowboys, and I happened to get a great picture of him when we were at a pre-season game a few weeks ago. DeMarcus Ware.

I have to say, the staduim is something you just have to see. The jumbotron can’t really be described. Many have tried, but simply put you have to see it to believe it. It’s ridiculous.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Update

We landed back in the big D late Monday night, and I'm leaving tomorrow for a work recruiting trip to the exciting campus of the University of Virginia until Saturday. So I can't give a full update, but I'll probably do that from the hotel over the next few evenings. I know, I'm so exciting...I mean I look at these undergrad faces and think "Oh My, I've gotten old" They just seem so young. In my head I think, I can hang...I've still got it. Um yeah, Megan this is 1999 calling, and you so don't have it.

My brother, Rob, has decided to become a firefighter. He has actually wanted this forever, but decided to take life by the shorts and go for it. He has finished all of his classes and is all certified. Now comes the hard part of applying to various cities, and it can take months to get on somewhere. We are all praying that it happens soon. Rob had a mini graduation from his program last week, and his son came dressed for the occasion.

Emily had her baby!!! This is very exciting. I love Em. We both agreed that if you would have told us at my wedding that she would be pregnant and having a baby within the year she would have made me take a drug test. Yet, here he is. Baby Tripp. Short for the fact that he is a something the third. I have feelings about the something, so we will just say that Tripp is freaking adorable and I am so proud of Em.

The updates on San Fancisco, Napa, and Tahoe will come in the next few days but to sum it up I LOVED IT.

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years

I can't believe it's been 8 years...9-11 was 8 years ago? It will be an event that people born afterwards, or too young to remember will ask us "Where were you"?

I was getting ready for work in my new apartment. I had moved to San Diego the month before and just started a new job. My mom called hysterical, and told me to turn on the news. I did and they were just reporting on the first plane. I listened and watched as I got ready, and headed into work. I was glued to any kind of news I could find.

I happened to work in the tallest building in downtown San Diego, and it was VERY close to the Airport, as well as in the flight pattern. Half the people were not in the office, and the rest of us were very quiet. We were on the 24th floor, and were used to seeing planes every 2-3 min and that morning we saw nothing. At about 10am we were all evacuated, the sound of the fire alarm caused many people to cry...and as we walked the 24 flights down the stairs I was terrified. The building was listed as a "potential target" by the military and we were sent home for the day.

I just wanted to hear the voices of the people I loved, so I made calls and, sat watching news on TV unable to really do anything else. I also had the courage to finally make a call, using a number I'd had for weeks but never used, to someone that had left me, suddenly without much warning months before. It was devastating and yet I needed to hear his I called completely unsure of what to say, and when I heard the familiar voice say "hello" on the other end...I couldn't speak. The voice said "Megan"...and I hung up. I realized at that very moment that I had nothing to say. Life was too short to try to make someone love me that didn't want too. That moment the healing started for me. On the worst day in history, I started to heal.

Like everyone else, I will never forget that day but for more than just one reason.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Who's funny?

"Mr. Gaines is one of the funniest men in the world."

I love Chris more every day, but this statement made me laugh. Coming from this adorable face, it's just so dang sweet. This kind of thing makes me want to have kids...not soon, but eventually...probably.

I remember when my family first met Chris and they thought he was great, but they weren't sure he was funny enough to fit in with us. I was thinking last night as I listened to him and my brother speak in movie lines that we've come a long way baby.