Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We added some new goodies to the patio in the way of furniture, and a fire pit etc. We did this just in time for the insane storm that came thru this week, but I'm looking forward to sitting outside in the evening on the sofa and making s'mores.

Girl Time

I just got back from a very relaxing trip to San Diego. It was about time for some sunshine and a visit with Val, mixed in with a work conference, ended with some spa time with my momma.

Something has to be said for the kind of friendship that can just be still. Some of the best time Val and I spend is sitting outside in the sun reading magazines and listening to Adele, or walking on the boardwalk. I miss her, and it was so nice to have days to just do the things we like to do. Eat. Shop. People watch and catch some beach sunsets. We've been thru a lot, that girl and I.

My mom came down at the end of my trip. She hadn't seen me in person pregnant yet and it was killing her. It was good timing because the belly popped literally the day I left for the trip. She will tell you that I'm a mean child because I banished her to the other room in the hotel. The snoring was RIDICULOUS. She treated me to a day at La Costa Spa and Resort along with a prenatal massage. It was so good I almost cried.

I left pampered, tanned, and with the need for an additional suitcase because of the shopping damage that occurred.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Feeling Old

This past weekend my baby brother turned 30....30! I just can't even picture him as 30. I feel like I'm barely 30 but I can't live in denial about that if he's now caught up to me. He spent the day with his family, cooked on his new grill for dinner, and enjoyed the weekend.
I remember when he was born. I was 4, and of course had to be another mother. I've watched him, sometimes hovered, sometimes bossed, sometimes shared a broken heart and some the best moments in life are with him. I called him BEFORE my mom when I found out I was pregnant (after Chris of course). Living an hour away still seems far at times, but it's close enough that I try not to miss any of the big things. I know that we will always be close, that our kids will be pals, and that I can't imagine growing up, growing old, or laughing at my parents without him. Happy birthday brother.