Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love this holiday, and have so many things to be thankful for that the list would be way too long. So I’ll start with these (in no particular order):

Parents: Married 36 years this past weekend. 36 years!

A Job: Seriously, in this economy it is a blessing beyond words.

Family: I wouldn’t trade with anyone, even with all our unique qualities that make life so interesting at times.

Cheaper Gas: Enough said

Chris: I’m thankful that he married me, and gives me new reasons every day to want to do it again.

DVR: I would be lost without this wonderful invention.

Friends New and Old: Friends are family we choose in life. My cup runneth over with you all.

Starbucks: Everyone should know by now my love of the red cup season.

Kona: That ugly face that only a mother could love.

Happy Day of Thanks to all of you. Eat, Drink, Nap and watch the Cowboys of course!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wicked Weekend

I love Chicago. So when I needed to go for work I didn't mind at all. I even added on a few extra days for fun, and asked Colleen if she wanted meet me. She had never been! We stayed at the Conrad on Michigan Ave. It was beautiful, with huge rooms, fluffy robes and was connected to Nordstrom. Does it get any better? We decided we could get used to life at the Conrad.
I took her to Grant Park to see the ice skating rink, the shiny kidney bean and where Obama accepted the Presidency.

We walked the Magnificent Mile down to the old Marshall Field (now Macy’s) all decorated for Christmas. The cold and decor had me in the Holiday spirit.

Pizza is required in Chicago. Specifically Giordano’s (not Gino’s East or Pizzanos) but Giordano’s is the best. Sure the wait is always an hour, but it’s worth it. I mean look at it.

We also watched the snow flurries from the 96th floor lounge of the John Hancock Tower while having cocktails.

Putting the weekend over the top was going to see Wicked. We had both already seen it in our respective cities, but it was even better the second time. The cast was amazing, and other than the child behind us that KEPT TALKING and ASKING QUESTIONS…it was awesome. I blame that on the parent because she kept talking right back.

I had to work the rest of the week, but it was a great trip. I have a feeling I’ll go back again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Tree

I have a favorite tree. It’s in my home town, and I have loved this tree since childhood. I used to beg my parents to buy the house that had this tree in the yard. They never indulged that one, but we drove by it all the time. The reason I love this tree is because in fall the colors are amazing. When I was younger I knew when the tree changed to yellow, and then to orange it meant that Halloween was coming, and when it became fire red, Thanksgiving was coming.

When I went to college my mom would take a Polaroid of this tree every fall and send it to me with the usual police blotter/engagement announcements of people she thought I might know. All these years later I will call her in the fall, and ask her if she has gone by my tree. I love Texas, but this time of year I miss the colors of fall. Especially the colors against the small town I love with picket fences, bed & breakfasts, and white church steeples. So in this digital age she went to my tree and sent me this picture.

Biggest Loser

I love this show. Love it. I think it’s amazing, and watch every season. I often dream about what I would look like if I didn’t have to work, was able to exercise with a personal trainer for up to 7 hours a day, and was fed all healthy foods. Hey, I would rock some republic jeans with that regimen. Seriously though, these people are transformed and it is inspiring. It almost makes me want to stop drinking peppermint mocha twists from Starbucks…almost.

However this season I find myself screaming at the TV over one contestant in particular. Vicki. She is mean spirited, cruel, and so manipulative I want to reach thru the TV and punch her in the face. Bob is her trainer, and even he doesn’t like her. He calls her maniacal and said she was “Shakespearian Evil”. If you watch the show, and know Bob, that is the meanest thing he’s ever said about one of his own. When this girl gets voted off I will literally do a dance in my living room. Hey, it’s exercise right?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today is also my mom's birthday. After 30 I don't list the age, but she likes to tell everyone she's my older sister. If anyone actually believes her, I might die.

She's actually one of my closest friends, and I know I'm lucky for that. She is why it's fun to be a part of our family. Our lives would be so boring without her, even if we might be laughing at her and not with her. Just last week I took her to a Tina Turner concert for her birthday, and some of my friends came along. After the show she and I were in one car, they were in another but we were all stuck in traffic. She decided to jump out of the car, and do a Proud Mary dance routine right there in traffic...IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Do you think she was embarrassed?? She thought it was hilarious. So did everyone else. Try growing up with that.

She has a heart for kids that I never will, and deals with those that are dying or have a family member that has died, or if an adult has taken their innocence too soon..even in the schools when there is a suicide. I am in awe because it's nothing I could ever do, let alone do and love life and people the way she still does even after all she sees.

Miss Worley

Jen Worley has a birthday today. She decided to celebrate early and run the freaking New York Marathon. Sound fun to you? She has a list of things she wants to do in life, and she checks several off a year. The NYC Marathon was one of them, but I don't think it will be a repeat item. I decided to share some of my favorite things about Jen in honor of her day.
1. Best Laugh! You can't miss it. Sometimes she even falls down she's laughing so hard. When I hear it I smile, and it (like mine) gets louder with vodka...and you can't imagine it with champagne. Preferably peach.
2. Dedication. When Jen makes a goal or commits to something she always works toward it and finishes. I don't have that, and I find that so admirable in her.
3. Great Friend/Sister/Aunt/Daughter/Girlfriend. I can't think of any big event for anyone special that she has missed the entire time I've known her. And Jen has a LOT of friends. Not many friends would stalk my (then) boyfriend for me while dealing with car trouble.
4. TV Genius. Really she is. I seek her out when I want to know about the new fall lineup, or November sweeps, or spoiler alerts. I was a tivo virgin before I met Jen. Because of her I'm never going back :)
5. Generous. Generous of her time, home, money, even loaning out designer handbags on occasion. She is the first to offer a ride to the airport, chairs for a party, and a couch if anyone needs a place to stay.

Happy Birthday Jen. We all love you.