Monday, July 28, 2008

Pre-Marital Counseling

Sounds fun right? Discussing finances, expectations, in-laws and sex etc with total strangers is a.w.e.s.o.m.e! Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds because the way our church runs the class makes it fun. The class is huge, 35 couples divided into 8 groups (4 each) and assigned a mentor couple (married 15+ years) to go thru the topics over a 4 week period.

The fun part has been getting to know other engaged people our age going thru the same kinds of issues. It’s like we have our own little network now. The flip side has been airing all your stuff for other people. Chris and I tend to have more, um, spirited discussions about some things than others. Not to mention that given the topic it just screams for some kind of funny and inappropriate comment to break the ice. Usually we tend to provide that as well.

This is our last week in the class, and the topic is In-Laws: Can’t change em, can’t kill em. Hilarious. I know Chris is looking forward to this one and he has tons of material.

Monday, July 21, 2008

60 days

Chris\'s Birthday

As in 60 days until I have a different last name.

As in it's coming faster than I can even imagine,

as in all the showers have come and gone,

as in invitations are in the mail,

as in balances are due to vendors,

as in the dress is currently under alterations,

as in HOLY CRAP.

East Texas

I had never been to East Texas until this past weekend. My parents came to town for a visit, and are convinced the only way they will ever leave California is if they buy a house on a lake.

The requirements: Lots of trees, no alligators or leeches, allows ski boats, at least 1 hour from Dallas but no more than 2, and something lake front but not in a gated community.

So we took a drive, a long drive. In East Texas there are several lakes that fit those parameters. We chose Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler, and Canyon Creek. The only drawback to Canyon Creek is that the address would be in Gun Barrel City. That went over like a turd in a punch bowl. Hello…from California they don’t like guns and definitely don’t want to tell people "Hey, the new address is Gun Barrel City." Ha. The only worse fate they decided would be to live in White Settlement. Also would never happen in the Heinrich family.

We found many things of interest. Now they just need to look at a few more until they know exactly where they want to be. I'm invested of course because it will be my weekend vacation spot, and the future home for the entire summer of my not yet existent children.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Organized Living

I’m not sure how many of you know that I could spend a day in the container store. I really could. I wouldn’t go so far as to use a label maker for the cabinets because if you open a cabinet and see plates, I can assume that no label identifying “plates” is necessary. I might seem unorganized, but it's a secret hobby. I like for things to have a place. I don’t keep things very long, we don’t have a packed garage, I am not at all a “saver”, and I love to throw things out.


We spent the majority of our holiday weekend on a kitchen organization project. It involved 3 or 4 trips to both the container store and target as well as removing cabinet doors and shelves and all the contents of every kitchen and pantry cabinet in the house. It was a hot mess. We added some fancy new tracks and sliding baskets, some drawer organizers, lid and bake ware separators and voila: A totally organized kitchen. We were exhausted, but thrilled that we can now see what is lurking in the rear of our deep pantry cabinets with a mere pull of the basket.


All of this made me wonder. When on earth did I become so freaking boring??? Seriously? Every once in a while I realize that life is so much different. Not boring I guess, but not the thrills I used to seek? Hi, I’m Megan and I like to organize cabinets on the weekend. I have gone to the dark side…domestic bliss.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pretty Party Parasols

Say it 3x fast people.


Saturday was my 1st bridal shower! It was lunch at the Dallas Arboretum, in the courtyard of the DeGoyer house. The setting was beautiful and so was the d├ęcor. The parasols were definitely dual function as the heater was turned on in Dallas. The photos have us looking all cool and collected.The reality is that it brought swamp ass to a whole new level. But this is Texas, and it's June so heat is par for the course.


Some games were played. I think the funniest was a multiple choice game testing who knew me best. Apparently some of my answers threw a few people for a loop. Here is one of those: If Megan could live anywhere, where would she live? 99.9% chose Hawaii. However it would NOT be my pick. It would be Santa Barbara.

The ladies also wanted to debate my favorite show! They guessed the bacehlor/bachelorette. WRONG again. Just because I blog about it does not mean it's my favorite. Friday Night Lights would be the correct answer. I always ask myself WWRD? What would Riggins do. He is on my list for sure.

So is this cake:

Everyone was so generous with the gifts, and really went overboard. We received wonderful things from the kitchen registry. And some fun day trips in Paris from the honeymoon registry.

In attendance were Chris' mom, Grandma, Aunt and Cousin. And my friends Jen, Christine, Melissa, Emily, Meg and Heather.

My friend Kerri was the hostess who flew in from Denver! She did a lovely job.

Would that really be complete without mention of my mom though? She couldn’t attend because she and my dad will be here in Dallas next week, but sent her gift ahead with specific instruction not to open until the shower. I took one look at the card and knew that her gift was going to be different than the others. When it comes to her gifting in general we usually find ourselves singing “which of these things just doesn’t belong here.”

The card read: For those HOT Texan (not texas) nights. Um yeah…got an idea of what it was? Correct…lingerie. It is very pretty, but next to the cupcake tower and cereal bowls? We can always count on her to spice things up, even when she isn’t here.