Monday, June 28, 2010

Long time gone

Lot's has happened, but nothing crazy exciting. I'll just provide the short version of the last month plus.

We started May in Miami and Key West for Chris' birthday. LOVED the Conrad in Miami. I think we will pass on the keys in the future. It was humid and felt like we were in a golden girls meets jersey shore on vacation. Great people watching.

And have spent plenty of time with the nephew, who will be 1 in a few weeks! I can't get enough.

Chris was baptised. It was hot, crowded and amazing.

Relaxed for a weekend with friends at the Manning Ranch. I learned that firefly sweet tea vodka can be a sneaky but delicious libation, John Manning can never take enough pictures, Chris Shahan loves cupcakes, and miller high life is the champagne of beers. Being that this was the 3rd annual we decided the weekend needed a name. Shaheinagaines.

Now you're all up to speed.