Monday, June 25, 2012


Last weekend was the 3rd annual Shaheinagaines (Shahan/Heinrich/Gaines) weekend. Even though the trip is generally without children, I was ordered to bring mine given that it's at my in-laws, and Rob and Allison had babysitting coverage issues. It was a weekend of the usual, food, drink, pool and fun with friends. My in-laws are saints for hosting and cooking for this crew. You can't beat quality time with good friends and the weekend doesn't feel long enough.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

The arboretum

The husband and I, along with a few friends, went to a concert at the Arboretum last week. Le Freak: the greatest disco cover band in the world (self proclaimed), and bonus was the Chihuly nights installation that will be here until October.

The best part about concerts at the arboretum is that you can bring your own food, drinks and blankets etc. Had it been a little cooler it would have been perfect, but we had a great time. The band was fantastic.

It was a fun night sitting on the grass, listening to music while looking over the lake with good friends and some vino.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Time on the lake

We headed to Austin this past weekend for my cousins 8th grade graduation. Talk about feeling old, I remember when she was born! As we watched graduation Chris and I found ourselves saying "who lets their kid wear that" and "do these kids ever stop texting"? Miss Katie graduated with honors and we were so proud. Auntie Ann yelled the loudest of course. She's the sweet baby girl we all love, just not so little any more.

It's not a trip to the cousins without golf at ACC for Chris, and a trip to the Domain for me. This time we added boating on Lake Austin with a burger stop at Ski Shores. It was Nate's first time on a boat and he loved it. We can't wait to go again soon!