Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Tivo

I love TV...I'm sorry but I do. My old roomate Jen got me addicted and now I just can't stop. Thank goodness for Tivo. I just don't have time to be home to see all the things I want to. Even in the summer when shows typically suck I have several that I can't miss. Here are my top 5.

1. Rescue Me- This is hands down other than Greys my favorite show on tv. It is completely messed up, hilarious, and touching. How they have mastered all of that I will never know but it is genius. It makes me feel like my own family is somewhat normal.

2. The Closer- a great show, I have to say Kiera is perfect for this role, and the cast is great.

3. Entourage- Ari....need I say more?

4. Flight of the Concords- New and makes me laugh my ass off. Love the accents, and they they break into song at random.

5. Big Love- Strange and awkward but enduring. I can't help but like this family, even though I don't agree with the plural marriage thing.

A Ring or flooring?

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Yes folks the dilemma for me was a ring or hardwoods. What did I choose? The correct answer would be floors! Better for resale should this not work out, and I don't negotiate on a ring. Talk to me when you have an actual stone in play, capish? But do you know how much new hardwood flooring is? Good Lord is all I'm going to say, but I simply could not live with what was in the house we bought. So before we moved in, we had new flooring installed. In addition my girlfriends and I painted nearly all the rooms in the house as well. I have to say, the place looks completely different. I love it.

One can't really label my decorating style, it's unique. I know many of you are laughing thinking that of course means bad, but I'm sorry to tell you that’s not the case. Unlike most Texans I don't believe in wallpaper, gold fixtures, or floral prints of any kind. I also don't collect knick knacks, or any rustic collection of items that have flag motif. I like muted solid colors, and what I call simple elegance.

I thought I had escaped all Texan decor until I found 2 items that I had to have. I surprised myself actually but when I have an idea, I just do it. I was at this insane antique fair that was 5 miles long and found these huge longhorns that I couldn't forget. I also found a cowhide that even had a brand on it. Sounds terrible I know but truly I fell in love. When I got these items home they went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl, but I stood my ground. They are now both a part of the master bedroom and believe it or not he loves the look. I also drove 200 miles for a sofa. Yep, it was pouring rain and he thought I was nuts. We almost had a Christmas Tree situation on our hands. After compromising (or what I like to call winning) we rented the U-Haul trailer and went to get this sofa I found online. I am a bargin hunter and even with the rental and gas was about $2,000 less than if we had gotten it in the store.

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Almost every item in the house was a negotiation, and I am happy to say we made it thru without breaking up! The house is almost finished and we still like each other. I think that is huge. Most of you are blessed with a guy that has no opinions on this type of thing. The conversation probably goes "honey, do you prefer mauve, or lavender for our bedroom?" The typical response would be "I don't care, whatever you think looks best". Our conversations were more like this.
M "would you prefer mauve or lavender for the bedroom"
C "You won't catch me dead in a pink/purple bedroom, what about plaid?"
M "Plaid? Are you high, absolutely not on the plaid that went out when little house on the prairie did"
C "Well you're going to have to pick another color because it’s not going to be girly"
M "fine"

Welcome to the month of June.

He is Finally 30

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May was also Chris's 30th birthday. Now I can finally stop hearing about how I'm the older woman. I like to plan parties, love it actually. So of course I wanted to throw a big bash for his big day. He was having none of that and slashed the guest list like it was his job! You practically had to have security clearance to get the evite. So to all of you who made the cut...feel special. I felt like a lobbyist for people on the B team. After that I think I have a future in Washington. So we had a bowling party at a very fun place in Dallas (called 300). A great group of close friends attended, and we both were happy. I got a party and he got a small gathering.

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Shackin Up

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Yep, its official...we decided to live in sin. After much discussion we decided to buy a place and move in together. To all you judging Judy’s...let me start by telling you I don't really care what you think.

Moving on. This is a huge step for us, and took careful consideration. If you don't know us and are reading this let me break it down for you. We are commitment phobic, in a huge way. He because he is predisposed to think things never work out (the pessimist in him). Well that and he had a bad experience in the past where someone ran over his golf clubs when it ended badly. I have my own suitcase of stuff...if you call having married a gay man and being abandoned and issue. (I swear I didn't know!) All that is another story for another day.

We decided, and broke it to the families. His was thrilled, mine being of the more biblical persuasion was disappointed that we weren't "engaged" but agreed that we needed to make sure this one is really strait.
*Random side note...does being engaged and living together reduce the chance of breakup? I'm inclined to think no, but hey I am wrong all the time.

My family loves him, and his loves me so I think we all are at a point where this is a good thing. Even though we are nervous about 24 hours a day in the same space, I think we’re in a good place for this next step. We will either kill one another, or end up deciding to take the plunge.

Now onto the house hunt...this is supposed to be fun right? Well it was, let's say "challenging", but not nearly as deciding on the furniture and style. Hello you're a guy do you truly care if the color is toasted marshmallow or taupe? Apparently this one does, but we did find a home we both loved, made an offer and here it is.

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Casa de...Gainrich? Or should it be Heingain? Either way we have a fully furnished guestroon and friends are always welcome.

Snow in April

Hello, Texas Weather!!

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So in Texas it’s hot as hell, thunderstorms and flooding, or snow on Easter. Here there is no point in listening to the weather because it can and will change in 15 min. The boyfriend and I traveled to his parent’s house for the holiday weekend and the projected forecast of sunny 75 degrees turned into 6 inches of snow. It made for an interesting Egg Hunt for many people I'm sure, but being that I am from Northern California, I loved it. I miss that part of winter.