Friday, February 29, 2008

Ok Ok already

Apparently I can’t post something like “cancer scare” (see blog below) and not send some people into a bit of a panic. Here goes. It was me; I am the one who had the scare and the biopsy. Guilty as charged and I really told no one, except Chris and my family. It has been coming; I have had some abnormal test results for the last 7 months, so when they called in early Feb and wanted me to come in for a biopsy I can’t say I was completely surprised. I really just didn’t want anyone to worry unless there was truly something to worry about. So I kept it to myself. Yes it was scary. Chris was a mess, poor guy, but life with me is anything but normal so he better get used to it. My mom flew in early for the procedure, and then we just waited...for days until the results came back. NEGATIVE! So that’s the story.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


FOTY, yeah I didn’t know what it meant either…until Friday night. Last week was nuts with family in town, and a really exciting cancer scare (luckily the biopsy was negative) either way it was a week that had me frazzled. I don’t like being frazzled. Friday night all I wanted was a quiet evening, dinner with my family, and Chris. All was going according to plan, until after dinner. We went to Hattie’s, and afterwards decided to celebrate with my brother Rob and sister in law Allison at our place with dessert. We had ice cream cake of course…I have a genetic disposition to ice cream addiction. We were sitting in the living room after the cake, and there was a knock at the door. It was 10pm and I of course thought it was a mass murder and ordered Chris to not open it. He wasn’t even going to look out the window to see who it was! But there was a surprise to top all surprises behind that door.

He opened the door and my best friend Colleen peeked in. Colleen and I have been friends for 19 years, but she now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was of course invited to the engagement party over the weekend but I hadn’t actually expected her to come. She had even insisted that she was busy and was so sad that she wouldn’t be able to fly out. I bought that lie hook, line and sinker. So when she was at the door I lost my shit. I was screaming and yelling, and then of course crying. She and Allison (the best sister in law ever) had been planning the secret for weeks. I had no clue. I’m not generally one who likes surprises, and I usually ruin them for myself about 99% of the time so this was a moment I will never forget.

FOTY means “Friend of the Year” according to Meg Boyd who kept yelling that out to Colleen at the engagement party. Colleen informed us on the way home from that party that “Dallas loves her” and of course…who wouldn’t?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


You know that part in Sleepless in Seattle where and Meg Ryan and her nerdy (but sweet) fiancé are talking about a romantic valentines trip and he gets excited about registering? Anyone? She has this look on her face of "um...ok". Yeah, I think that describes Chris and me. We were told that because engagement parties are the start of the wedding mania we needed to register so that people could have an option to purchase a gift. We debated the merits, and thought, sure...what the heck.

We took a little trip to a store I like to call the bridal mother ship: Crate and Barrel. At least 9 other couples joined us while elbowing one another to scan our desired items. I never knew that in order to make pancakes not only is a batter dispenser necessary, but a special spatula. Who knew? It was refreshing to see all of said couples argue (I mean compromise) on the items they each felt deserved to be on "the list". Us included! Chris wanted to throw that scanner thing at my head at least once, but was hesitant to damage the device because he had to leave his driver’s license to get it. Thank God, I think that was the only thing that prevented me from an injury.

The eagle has landed

Well my mom has landed in the Big D. Friends are throwing us our engagement party this weekend and my parents are making the trip from CA for the festivities. My mom came early to hang out for a few extra days. There is never a dull moment being her child.


For example, she had only been here 2 days when she managed to set off the house alarm system, sending 2 police cars to a normally peaceful neighborhood during the middle of the day. Uniformed officers had to search the inside, and outside only to discover that she didn’t close the back door all the way. The wind blew it open, setting off the alarm after we had left the house. The best part of the entire story is that when the officers were looking in all the rooms while yelling out “Dallas Police, come out” they came upon the guest room she is staying in. Mind you she has been in Dallas 48 hours. They looked in the room and turned to me and said “Miss, does this room normally look like this because it might have been ransacked”.

Ha, if only I were so lucky. Nope officer, it’s just the usual visit from Hurricane Ann. That’s what Rob and I call her. I love her more than life but it’s true.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!



I just wanted to post a little about the b-day festivities.


My friend Christine threw a party for me over the weekend with some of my favorite ladies. It was at Torelli’s and the chocolate martinis alone are worth the trip. It was fun to just hang out and catch up over great food and drinks.


The highlight of the evening had to be the cake. Christine had ordered it from La Duni, a restaurant that is famous for their dessert... She had given the server a box of candles and told them to add some to the cake before bringing it out. Well they decided to add ALL of them, and we could see the glow of the cake coming long before the cake made its appearance. Between the blinding light and heat I literally though a meteor was coming at my head.


Chris started the morning off with a beautiful card before leaving for work, sent roses to my office that are amazing, and took me to dinner at the best sushi place in town. He didn’t even give me that “you’re not really going to eat all that” look that he normally does when the sashimi was delivered to the table. I got another card at dinner as well. We decided with the wedding, and the crazy ass ring he gave me that no gifts are necessary this year.

Thank you all for the singing, the cards, the voice mail etc. I have to give a shout out (and yes I did just say that) to my friend Noah in CA who as my best guy friend I never expect to remember to call, and he did! Also to Dustin, my ex-boyfriend from jr. high, who hasn’t forgotten my birthday in 19 years even though he is verry happily married with a brand new baby.

My friend Kerri’s husband sent me the sweetest email addressing my 13 things blog post (below) and I had to add this in because I was laughing my ass off

He said:
9. When I get excited I clap like a cheerleader on SNL
You TOTALLY do. Feet together, arms and hands straight up and down, quick claps, big smile. Sometimes accompanied by a drawn out , “Yaaay!”

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That’s me…turning 31 on the 13th! Except for the fact that almost everyone including my own mother has called me on the wrong days to yell out “Happy Birthday” only to be told they have it wrong. It’s truly insane that a year has gone by since the big 30 bash. This one is very low key in comparison but Chris has learned well that my birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day are all very separate occasions and need to be treated as such.

In honor of this day I couldn’t decide if I should list 13 things or 31 things you might not know about me. Let's go with 13, who really wants to read 31...not me.

1. Despite my best efforts at acting the opposite, I am a hopeless romantic
2. I get worried when anyone goes to the hospital for anything, I'm convinced they kill people in there.
3. I have seen all seasons of Party of Five at least 6 times.
4. I think peanut butter makes almost anything taste better
5. I’m loud, and with a few cocktails I’m my own megaphone
6. I think men who read the Wall Street Journal are sexy
7. My brother Rob is one of my favorite people in the whole world
8. Moving to Texas changed my entire life
9. When I get excited I clap like a cheerleader on SNL
10.I dream of giving the finger to feminism and becoming a suburban soccer mom
11.My dream job was/is to be a reporter for the Whitehouse
12.I'm not competitive at all, so don’t pick me if winning is your motivation
13.Fine linens are my weakness, I can't help it! I'm a thread count snob.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Late but worth the wait

Attached are the pics to go along with the engagement story from December.

Photo 1: The candles that lit house with the critical package on the table


Photo 2: The cupcake message in the box


Photo 3: The ring!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baby Butler!


Benjamin Patrick Butler arrived Tuesday morning at 9:18am weighing in at 7lbs 12oz. Kerri and Scott are exhausted and overjoyed. Kerri's mom made it into town with a few hours to spare!

The thing is that she called me to tell me she was in labor, then to tell me she was going to the hospital, and all the while my phone was turned off because I was dancing it up with Celeste to 90’s hip hop. (See earlier post) Good one. Luckily they kept Chris in the loop so when I got home he had all the information. I thought about going to the hospital at 1am, but I didn’t think K&S would appreciate me smelling of vodka and cigarettes, with my nightclub wristband being a visitor at that point. Good way for the baby to meet his Auntie Megan!


This kid is so loved already he has no idea. He has amazing parents, electronically savvy parents…so look for this boy to probably have his own blog here shortly. Welcome to the world little guy.

A night with the Rajun Cajun

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and in our circle of friends we have a Lake Charles transplant, Celeste, who needed some cheering up. She was homesick for all the festivities that occur in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, so I decided we needed to celebrate. A local radio station was having a Fat Tuesday party with a few bands that are a throw back to mix tapes and Jr. High. We decided we had to go. I also had to pull off a covert operation to get her the best crawfish DFW has to offer.


Nate’s Steak & Seafood is famous, and on Fat Tuesday it’s busting at the seams with people. The wait to get into the parking lot alone was 20 min. I sat in the parking mess and waited to talk to a hostess about getting an order “to go” only to be told that on that day they “don’t do take out”. WHAT? Right. I came this far, and no one was going to stop me. Celeste needed gumbo dammit! So I kindly went back to the hostess and asked for a table for one. I was seated, and when the waitress came around I told her that I was going to order a few items, which she was going to bring to me, and that I was going to eat a few bites and ask for to go containers. She looked at me terrified and told me “We’re not supposed to do that today” I said “I know, but if you do you will make someone’s day and I will leave you a very nice tip:” 20 min later I was on my way with a few pounds of crawfish and gumbo.

We stuffed our faces and headed to a theater nearby. We were covered in beads, and Celeste wore an appropriate t-shirt that said “New Orleans is for lovers”. The people watching alone was worth the price of admission with young and old, men and women etc…and the bar was serving some stiff drinks. We were vodka energized after one cocktail.

Performance #1. Do any of you remember the line “Dressed in yellow she said hello”? Oh yeah…Young MC was the opener. I have to say…he was still very good, and the crowd went nuts. His warm up pants were so tight that I made mention to Celeste that he was wearing boxers…she pointed out to me that actually they were clearly boxer briefs. Good times.

Performance #2. We “Jumped on it” with the Sugar Hill Gang. Yes they are ancient, but that was the performance of the night. They rocked it, really. They also told us that they are still big in Germany. Ha. One guy looks exactly like Al…Star Jones husband. Another had on the 80’s old school vest and the largest belt buckle you have ever seen. Not to mention his shirt was tucked into his jeans…with the belt. The third guy was very modern day…he was blinged out, bling on the cap, shades, jacket, belt and the ensemble came with a cane and all. We loved the cane.

Performance #3. You Down with OPP? I have so many memories of this Naughty by Nature cd. My high school buddy Robyn left it to me in her senior will.

*Sidebar: Did you all have those…Senior Will’s where you left things to people?

Back to NbN. We were getting tired at this point…I’m not used to being out on a school night, stuffed with Cajun food and holding a very nice buzz. They started the set with the ever popular “OPP” but the group took an immediate thug u-turn. They brought out the Hennessey, and the one singer who has Tu-Pac tattooed on his forearm started pouring it on his arm while yelling out “when I drink, you drink” among other not so mentionable things. They started throwing the Westside gang signs and rapping on and on about Tu Pac, and Biggie etc. At that point we decided it was a good time to go.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Game Day

While yesterday's game was amazing, I usually watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Between the excitement game, and not wanting to miss what could possibly be a life changing commercial I hardly moved! I have to say that my favorite commercials were the E*Trade commercials with the baby. I was dying laughing

E*Trade barfing Baby Ad

Those were followed closely by Will Ferrell, and the bud light commercials. If you don't live in the DFW area you were not treated to the T.O. press conference commercial spoof with a look alike and the entire crying bit. That was classic.

Random thought...who the hell picked Tom Petty??? I mean the guy was good 20 years ago, but today has absolutely no relevance. Who sits around and decides on that? I would like a recall, and the 20 min I spent watching that back please.