Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sundance and Kerri

This is the first time in 5 years that Kerri and I haven't been to the Sundance Film Festival. Last year we decided it would be the last year because of the scene. It has changed so drastically over the years that getting tickets is close to impossible, the nightly rental rate is well over $400 and with all the SWAG rooms and private parties it is difficult for any “normal” person to enjoy what was originally intended. I’m sorry but when I see Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton in the same day nothing about your festival is “independent” any longer.

We started going when Kerri first moved to Salt Lake City for Scott’s job. Being that they are not Mormon…life was lonely for her the first year. After several calls, I decided she needed a visitor. I happened to go during Sundance, but had no clue really what it was all about. Back then you could just go get in line for a movie and get a ticket, and that's exactly what we did. It became our January tradition. So many memories have been a part of that trip. Some years we took lots of girlfriends along, and other years it was just she and I.

Times have changed, and now almost everyone is married and has or is expecting children, we have all moved further away and all of this makes it harder for the annual event to continue. I figured I would post some of my favorite moments as a tribute to the last 5 years, and to Kerri before her first baby arrives any day now.


1.Kerri, Annie, and Erin in the bathroom with Paris and Nikki Hilton, and then telling the local news that they “Pottied with the Hiltons”

2.Hung-over Colleen harassing poor Peter Scarsgard in the lobby with her banana and raccoon mascara eyes telling him how “amazing” he was in Garden State.

3.Jill being stuck in the limo with Kato Kalin and then trapped at a producer’s party all night because no cabs come in Park City after 1am.

4.My drunken ass throwing coconut shrimp leftovers at Ashton Kutcher as he ran down the red carpet. (see picture below..this was right after I threw them)
5.All of us staring at a pimp and his hookers at a party and someone asking them if they had taken all the lip gloss in Utah. None of us had seen Hollywood style hookers. I just thought they were underdressed models.

6.Standing front row with the AP photographers for a private Nelly concert, and being asked to move over so that P-diddy and his entourage could sip Crystal at the table next to us. When he left he gave us the bottles!

7.Jill flirting with the gate keeper at Eccles Theater by telling him that she also knows “Paco” (someone we figured out you had to know to get in)….he believed her until a part of her story didn’t add up but gave us tickets anyway because of her Oscar worthy performance.

8.Erin yelling Tyra?, then yelling Naomi?...and again when met with a questioning glance IMAN finally turned and said “it’s Iman you idiot”. Classic.

9.Kerri calling out to Adrian Brody while he interviewed with ET “We love you Adrian”, he stopped his interview, yelled back “I love you too”, and proceeded to come down the carpet to give us kisses and pose for photos.

10.Me falling down the stairs in a theater as we were all running to get seats. It was because my uggs were a size too big! I slammed into the wall and my entire purse spilled down the stairs. That fall coined the phrase “man down” and Colleen ran right by me yelling for everyone to save themselves.


Goodbye Sundance. Thanks for the years of fantastic good times!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was tagged by Elizabeth, and as she is one of my only blogging friends I figured I owed her :)

1. Ten years ago: I was counting down the days until I turned 21! Seriously...there were only 20 days to go. I was living in San Jose, and had just started dating a person that would change my life forever...and not necessarily in a great way.

2.5 things to do on my to-do list: a) drop off my dry cleaning, b) start working on my taxes, c) address "save the date" cards, d) go to the gym, and e) figure out what the heck I want this wedding to look like.

3.Snacks I enjoy: starbucks, almonds, tangerines, jello snacks and flour tortillas.

4.3 bad habits: Not balancing my checkbook (same as Elizabeth), picking at my nails, and bossing people around.

5. If I suddenly became a billionaire: I would pay off the house, car, credit cards etc. Take a long vacation with Chris, give our parents a dream trip and siblings something special. I would put the rest in an interest bearing account and volunteer for the rest of my life.

6. Places I've lived: Granite Bay, Nevada City, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Dallas.

7. Jobs I've had: Good lord this could be a blog in itself. Let's see lifeguard, nanny, waitress, HR Intern/specialist/generalist/recruiter...now manager.

8. Things people don't know about me: a) I am a terrible liar. Always have been always will be. So 99.9% of the time I don't bother with even white little ones, though I probably should. People don't seem to like my Dr Phil "get real" tactics. b) I sometimes speak in only movie lines. c) I am terrified that I will be a terrible wife. d) I fall a lot, for absolutely no reason.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

West Shore

Destination wedding, say it with me...

After some talk Chris decided to "let me" have the wedding somewhere else. I chose Lake Tahoe. I grew up nearby and it's a place my family frequents. Sometimes we would go just for pizza dinner. It's special to us. In addition no one I know from TX has been! So the bonus is they will all see someplace new as well.

My mom and I spent an entire day driving around the lake looking at all the various locations, beaches, piers, houses, resorts, golf courses...you name it we saw it. It was a long day and I was loosing hope that I would find just the right place. Our last stop was an Inn I hadn't seen in years. It used to be this run down rustic chalet, but it had been demo'd and reconstructed. I took one look and knew it was the place.


Every aspect is what I was looking for. It is intimate with great food and an amazing view and location.


They have much better pictures on the site if you're interested. So that is one decision down...1 million to go :)

West Shore Cafe

Monday, January 14, 2008

Engaged Life

I have been engaged for exactly 4 weeks. 4 weeks people. In that time I have been told/asked the following:

1) Repeatedly told "being engaged is so much fun"
2) How is the planning?
3) Honeymoon baby?

1a) What the hell. Really? I think being engaged is this crazy state of limbo. You are planning the most expensive party of your life, trying to remain on a budget while attempting to justify that a photographer really is worth several thousand dollars, and at the same time trying to figure out the ROI on who we should keep on the invite list. No dice. I'm not buying that this "is so much fun".

*The guest list was really our only stress point because we are keeping it small. My rule is: if I haven't talked to you in a year, and you haven't met Chris you will not be on the list.

2a) Planning. I love a good party, really I do, and I love to plan. I try to have attention to detail on things but a wedding is an entirely different monster. The simpler you want it, the more detailed you have to be. It makes no sense. I really don't understand these women who need to take months off work or over a year to plan. Seriously? Pick a place, find a day and everything else can be done in 6 months or less. I understand wanting it to be "perfect" but setting that expectation will only cause unnecessary stress. And we all know I am not into that.

3a) Not even going to address it. Ridiculous. I know we’re at that age, but the dog is more than enough for a while.

Oh No Romo

Dallas is depressed this morning folks. People really can't believe the Cowboys lost. Tony and the boys played well, but not nearly well enough. Mexico vacation or not Romo doesn't seem to grasp that perception is everything. Poor Kid.

Perhaps next year boys...

Monday, January 07, 2008

June Jones

June is coming to SMU!!! I am so SO SO excited. Go Ponies!!! We might actually win a few games now; hell I might actually go see a few. I love June Jones and can't wait for the home opener in 08.

See you on the promenade. Time to Pony up folks...the answer to prayer has finally arrived.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


New Years Eve. Some people love it, many don't. I'm not really a fan. Regardless if one is single or coupled it rarely lives up to the hype. I just don't understand how $1000 bottle service, or standing in front of the AAC freezing your tush off is a good time.

This year we decided to have a party and wow...could I tell that I have entered that next age bracket. It was a fun evening where everyone was well behaved...literally no stories to tell. No one was running down the street nude, or passing out before midnight, or inappropriate what so ever. The highlights were that Jen was banned from the champagne, Kerri was almost in labor, Scott, Rob and Chris had colds and were loaded on meds, Robin rocked on Guitar hero, Mike and Tolu discussed the football disaster that is SMU, Christine was in need of poker coaching, and Elizabeth and Jennifer are directionally challenged and almost missed the countdown, and Allison was the official photographer of the evening...though I will probably not see the pics until this summer sometime. (love you but it’s true)

As I reflect on 2007 it was a big year, for all of us. Some are having babies, some changed jobs, some moved to a big city all on their own. It seems every year goes by faster than the last, and brings some sort of new adventure. I don’t always like it, but I’m along for the ride. Welcome 2008, let’s see what you’ve got planned!