Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday funday

The only time I really play with the new camera is at the park. So here are some shots from Sunday afternoon. I love those cheeks! I'll be so sad when they're gone. He wasn't as interested in smiling as much as he was in watching all the other kids and happenings at the park. We were just trying to keep him out of the duck and swan poop.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jury Duty

They say once a city finds you, they contact you often. It took 6 years but it's happening. I was called for jury duty for the county in July. It was 110 degrees and I was almost 9 mos pregnant. I was dismissed. In January I got another summons for the city municipal court. So here I sit, in a hot room, with no renovations in 30 years, watching a tv on a rolling stand like 6th grade health class.

Currently I'm being subjected to some English talk show host that took the place of Jerry Springer while women tell their boyfriends they "aren't sure" who the father of their babies are. TORTURE. I would actually rather be working than watching this.

I plan to honor my civil duty because if I request a trial for a red light camera picture, or code violation for not trimming the weeds behind our fence I know what those jurors have to sit thru. Justice in action people.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthdays and half birthdays

Chris took me on a birthday trip in Feb, and I wasn't allowed to do any work. To say that work has been busy and stressful would be an understatement. When you wake up thinking about it and find yourself in the bathroom at 3am looking at your email in the dark so as not to wake up your husband...you know that you have issues. So we went to Miami for 3 nights, and it was amazing. Probably one of the nicest hotels we've ever stayed in. He did this birthday up. Great meals out, some shopping, a half day at the spa, being able to sleep in past 5:30am, a room that had it's own doorbell and an ocean view complete with dolphins. We had never been to Miami for longer than a night on our way to the Keys, but I think we'll be back. It was a blast.

The half birthday was celebrated with his 6 month check and a round of shots, however the croup and ear infection are now gone (whew). He weighs in at 17.5lbs, and 29 inches long. 50% weight (down from the 80%) and holding steady at 95% height. The kid has legs, and we know he doesn't get that from me. He's a happy, super mellow baby and nothing really bothers him. He sleeps all night, but isn't a big nap fan. He got his first tooth, and started eating solid food. He's close to crawling but we're not encouraging that yet. He also graduated to the permanent car seats. We practically had to borrow from his college fund they're so outrageous, but he did help out on our taxes so we'll cut him a break. He won't be a baby for long so we try to enjoy all the moments, even the not so awesome ones. When you have someone that will laugh with you while one of you catches poop in their bare hand or lets you know about the smeared snot on your shirt...thats the real deal.