Wednesday, July 18, 2012

California Dreamin

I spent 4 days in San Diego with Val and Colleen (who came in from San Francisco). It was my first solo weekend, and was such fun. We biked, walked on the beach, had drinks on the boardwalk, lounged in the sun with magazines, spent a day at the spa and got to meet the boyfriend. The weather was beautiful as usual, and spending time with them feels like home to me. We've been thru so much after all these years. We save up our life issues and secret questions for these visits.

Val's boyfriend is adorable. He also scared the crap out of me by sneaking up to the back bedroom door at night dressed as a zombie clown. I totally freaked. I don't like zombies or clowns.

In honor of Val's birthday we went to La Costa Resort & Spa for massages. The resort is amazing and after the spa treatments we spent 6 hours by the pool having lunch and drinks. If you're a visitor to San Diego I highly recommend it.

I miss them already, and am looking forward to our next visit. I did miss the guys in my life but Chris handled the single parenting with ease. I'm lucky to be married to someone that encourages my time with friends and makes it so nice to come home.

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